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Slaughterville official
Game Type: Card Games
Number of Players: 1, 2, 3, 4, 4+
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Slaughterville official

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A Game of fun & Horror for 1-6 players
by Christopher Bown


For anyone who ever said to a horror movie: Don’t go in there! Now they can live those, oftentimes poor, choices. While you and your friends are taking a vacation in Slaughterville, a great evil awakens just to ruin your day. Slaughterville will take players on a thrilling adventure through the fictional town that just happens to be host to numerous supernatural and horrific events. Yet still, it remains a popular vacation spot for college students looking for a good time.

Playing as one of the typical horror movie staples, the player will interact with one of the main locations in Slaughterville in an effort to find the Clues necessary to stop the Villain from winning and ruining their summer plans. Players will travel through portions of the town represented as separate boards. As they encounter each space, they will draw a card and react to the events on the card. Ultimately, through this interaction, they will gather the materials and Clues necessary to finally defeat the Villain!

Slaughterville is a game of exploration and atmosphere for 1-6 players.

I have not created the game itselfe but i got the material from the creator. If you want to support the creator of the game then buy it ;)
If you want to support me then your have the oportunity on Patreon[] or Paypal[].
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2 comentarios
Kijan  [autor] 23 FEB a las 23:57 
always my pleasure ;)
King in Yellow 23 FEB a las 22:42 
Thank you for this, it looks right up my alley!

Oh and thanks for including all the expansions and kickstarter extras!! :praisesun: