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New Buildings for use in DayZ Standalone.
New Billboard as Dayz ones wont allow for a custom texture.
01/24/2020 Added 2 new Wooden Billboards
10/31/19 Fixed the tutorial config
06/27/19 Added new Building Billboard signature update
01/11/19 Simplebasic tutorial doc added
12/10 Added a New Double Billboard.
Custom Server Add On for adding server info and other information.
Tutorial Folder Included with code and examples
This is required in its current form and must not be altered. You may not upack and repack this pbo
Follow the tutorial folder if you wish to add your own images.
Images should be 2048x1024

Special Shout Outs
BigBen and StokesMagee for help and knowledge to get this in game.
DR.JOnes for art used in screenshots, check out Dr.JOnes trader mod.
Also Special Thanks to MASS for helping do some work on a couple billboards, Mass also does alot of custom clothing and Item stuff in the Workshop.

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nov847 15 MAR a las 23:57 
Step by step tutorial anywhere?? why does it have to be so difficult to make a sign :(
rhammer2003 4 MAR a las 15:37 
I have this mod installed correctly as far as I can tell, unfortunately I can not get the billboards to spawn, I am using Zomberry and I can see them in my list however I can not spawn them. I would like to know what I may be doing wrong. thanks
sKeLeToR 23 FEB a las 23:59 
rhammer he gave you his discord name to add him and PM him.. /facepalm
rhammer2003 21 FEB a las 10:30 
rhammer2003 21 FEB a las 10:29 
that discord doesnt work... it should look something like this...
ComatoseBadger  [autor] 21 FEB a las 9:27 
rhammer2003 20 FEB a las 13:30 
I have opened the tutorial and looked at it. it doesnt make sense... you dont say if it has to be published, and if so do I publish it under another name? you need to add more information in your tutorial in order for it to make sense.. also if it has to be published what do I do with your previously published part of the mod? if Possible please give more details. And yes I do know how to publish a mod, I have one published currently. Thanks. if Possible can you give me your Discord link? I can probably explain my issues to you better by voice
ComatoseBadger  [autor] 19 FEB a las 19:37 
I cant open the PBO I keep getting an error, ios there an issue with the program? its mean to be like that

does this need to be packed with the tools and signed as well then published? Open the tutorial folder and follow the instructions in there
rhammer2003 19 FEB a las 18:06 
what is the discord channel for this?
rhammer2003 19 FEB a las 17:56 
does this need to be packed with the tools and signed as well then published?