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It is the year 2039. After the resource depleting conflict in Greece, Europe suffers from a new deflation crisis, leading the crime rate to a new peak in history. Members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Security Council are forced to react. Being a desperate alternative to overcrowded and prohibitive prisons, offenders are now being sent to EXILE.

You asked for it. So here it is on Steam.
Happy 3rd anniversary!!!!
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11 MAY 2020 a las 9:49
Is it now a place for discussions and support?
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Stix_09 12 SEP a las 22:55 
Game updates can break mods. The APEX DLC update was a major patch, not only extra content but core engine updates too. This can break save games on servers.
Stix_09 12 SEP a las 22:14 
"Apex is required for any server where the scenario/game mode is set on Tanoa (Map) or where the scenario/game mode has had Tanoa scenery objects included on a non-Tanoa terrain, all other DLC contents are subject to the ads and restrictions (can't normally get into DLC vehicle crew seats -- passenger seats work -- or pick up DLC weapons, although both can be scripted around). "

Do we need DLC to play the game properly?
Stix_09 12 SEP a las 21:57 
Exile is not really not meant to be played solo offline (which means setting up your own dedicated server), BUT to use this client mod to play on one of the many online servers is very simple. Subscribe, add mod to launcher and play online
(their discord has a server promotion channel with a list of servers)
Some Exile servers also use additional mods like any Arma server can

If you have questions go to their discord (via link above) , checkout the steam guides and google/utube, plenty info on this excellent mod.

Setting up a your own dedicated server is not simple and "CAN" be a security risk if u don't know what u are doing. (exile servers also need a sql database to work, which is a 3rd party install and setup not normally required for most dedicated Arma servers)
[PS46]Powerstriker46 7 SEP a las 8:18 
missing Apex_rpg7_v2
is not from a mod...
you need the apex dlc to can play on this server

there are 2 options

1. the server himself has a corrupt file or the apex dlc is strictly required
2. or your own game files are broken or signatur missmatching the server files

to1. you cant do something clientside, try to ask the admin of this server
to 2. simply delete the apex stuff from your pc (if you have this dlc if not then you have the reason why you cant join) and use steam to update, redownloading the corrupt files
Fabrizio 31 AGO a las 18:06 
If you get "missing Apex_rpg7_v2" error, you need to find the Exile server through Arma3 Launcher and click the "setup DLCs and mods and join server" button to download the rest of the mods
chrispools 6 AGO a las 6:02 
@RooksOn Yes but its a ball ache to set up if you are new to it
RooksOn 6 AGO a las 1:17 
quick question you can play exile mod on lan right? like host it on lan?
Parsec 20 JUL a las 4:38 
@lawnmower501 it is, in fact rather easy to set up an exile server for yourself. This is not a playstation forum ..
Teh Dango 18 JUL a las 6:43 
if you go to the exile site you can download server files there to host your own
lawnmower501 22 MAY a las 10:18 
I downloaded and played the Chernarus Exile Mod successfully before. Then ARMA updated a few times and the mod says "missing Apex_rpg7_v2". It won't load. Steam Client claims that all mod files are up to date. The Exile website redirects downloading it's own files here. Steam says ARMA Apex is not managed by Steam. Endless circle loop. Why is this so difficult?