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Infinate Golden Keys [Easy]
Por wirpy
This Guide Is About Infinate Keys The Easy Way, I made this in English and Swedish.
I hope you will enjoy it very much as i do.
I would like to thank the founder's of this glitch and other creators of similiar guides.
Feel free to ask me questions!
Ni är välkomna att fråga mig saker!
English Version
Step 1) Open your documents
Step 2) Go to My Games
Step 3) Click Borderlands2-WillowGame-SaveData-RandomNumbers.
Step 4) Right Click Profile And Click Read Only And Apply.
Step 5) Go into BL2 and open till your keys are out or you dont wanna do it anymore
[Note: Do not change apperance/clothes/skins or open secret claptrap place or vault]
Step 6) Get Out Of The Game And Do same as Step 3 and disable Read Only.
Step 7) Go Back In, You now have all the weapons you obtained and also your keys are back :)
Swedish Version
Steg 1) Öppna dina dokument
Steg 2) Gå till Mina spel
Steg 3) Klicka på Borderlands2-WillowGame-SaveData-RandomNumbers.
Steg 4) Klicka höger profil och klicka Skrivskydd och Verkställ.
Steg 5) Gå in BL2 och öppna tills dina nycklar är ute eller du inte vill göra det längre
[Obs: Ändra inte utseende / kläder / skin eller öppna hemliga Claptrap stället eller Bank Vaultet]
Steg 6) Gå ut från spelet och Gör samma som steg 3 och inaktivera skrivskyddet.
Steg 7) Gå in i spelet igen, Du har nu alla vapen du fått och även dina nycklar är tillbaka :)
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fllowthleadr666 28 JUN 2018 a las 18:41 
IM very confused on how to do this i have gotten on set 3 and when i right click i cant find the read me button so can someone explain to me how after the frist two parts of set3 the and after step 3 work i would greatly appricate it thank in advanced
Mark Cesar 29 ABR 2017 a las 7:17 
about the step 4, what profile?
CoolBeans34 3 ABR 2015 a las 15:42 
I dont have any keys now
kAmOtE 25 MAR 2015 a las 7:48 
Schamy 21 ABR 2014 a las 2:37 
DON'T DO THIS i hat 60 Keys done this and than i only hat 11 Key's Left
yJ 3 MAR 2014 a las 12:55 
MegaMan\Z/ Zer0 31 DIC 2013 a las 15:02 
(Alive)Mr.Pickles 21 DIC 2013 a las 19:54 
will something happend if i open a vending machine???
yeah5n1d3 26 JUL 2013 a las 22:12 
Great website link:

To use the codes just copy and paste! SUPER EASY!!! I only found two of the codes that didn't work!
ChereckDang 20 JUL 2013 a las 21:27 
Can we store the items in the vault after we did it?