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7.22h (Support) Standard Build
Por Torte de Lini

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8 comentarios
D. Igne Natura Renovatur Integra 12 MAY 2017 a las 5:15 
What about dagon? For the penitence amplification..
TechTubbs 16 ABR 2017 a las 17:00 
I'd recommend putting penitence priority over hand of god, and getting it level 2. the slow is insane early and can change ganks, and lets your creeps catch up to enemies
413X 30 NOV 2015 a las 5:46 
This hero build is wrong to use as a "standard" build. Starting items: A set of tangos (give 2 to mid or keep if jungler harassers such as bh). courier. Set of Sentry. 1 clarity. 1 Smoke/ward.

The sentry is a necessity because if someone tries to block a camp. A blocked camp is disasterous for Chen.

Basilius isnt an item to go for as it doesnt really build into anything unless you aim for the very situational vlads. It is better as a standard build to go straight for arcane. If you play Chen correctly, you should have Arcane at around 4-5 minutes.

A stick would be more useful rather than the basilius as it makes Chen super tanky. 255hp(stick) + 250(mek) + 300hp(hand of god lvl11).
kill4kiss 19 JUL 2015 a las 6:59 
Great guide very help me
TW SAVAGE 7 JUN 2015 a las 13:43 
Steve Undertale 29 DIC 2014 a las 7:11 
"Only two branches"
Guide shows 3.
BadBoyOnizuka 21 AGO 2014 a las 23:47 
Reducing Hand Of God to a piss 30 sec cooldown means Aghs should be core
6ob 23 NOV 2013 a las 21:54 
Time to practice! Thanks for the guide :) :extrastrongcoffee: