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District Service Limit 3.0
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26 OCT 2017 a las 9:32
11 DIC 2018 a las 3:59
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District Service Limit 3.0

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Update for the "District Service Limit", originally written by gsteigert.

This version updates it to work with C:S 1.9 Green Cities, and provides the full functionality of the original version (extra districts panel per service), as well as fixing several bugs and incompatibilities.

Description from the original mod:
Restricts the service buildings to serve only the surrounding district + additional districts defined by you. Also control where the citizens of a given district are allowed to work, do shopping, attend schools and hospitals/clinics.

No matter where you plop service buildings, the spawned vehicles may eventually travel long distances to fulfill the citizens' needs. This results in increased traffic and lower service efficiency, forcing you to plop additional service buildings and spending more money.

This mod works in a simple way: if your service building is part of a district, it will only serve the buildings within that same district. In case it's outside a district it will work as usual, servicing everybody. If the service building needs emptying (landfill, cemetery, etc), then it may use either buildings of the current district or buildings that do not belong to any district. On top of that, additional districts may be configured per building in case you think it can handle the demand.

-- 2018-12-11: Harmony update. Code rewritten & tested by egi and t1a2l. Should fix a lot of problems/incompatibilities with other mods. Big thanx to you guys!!--
-- v3.0, build 6719, date 2018-05-25 (Parklife update)--
-- v3.0, build 6513 (performance optimization) --
-- v3.0, build 6510, date 2017-10-28 --
* improved taxi depot/stand/vehicle passenger pick-up
* enabled coverage panels on education and park building, if corresponding citizen restrictions are enabled in the settings
-- v3.0, build 6508, date 2017-10-26 --
* made functional under C:S 1.9 Green Cities
* fixed all service dispatch problems (garbage, health, ...)
* compatibility with MOM, SubBuildingTabsEnabler, and other mods that modify the service panel

This mod is licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL), version 3.
The source code is provided as-is below on github.

Soure code:

Idea and original coding for "District Services" by gsteigert .
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234 comentarios
Filiboy hace 12 horas 
Taha023 17 MAY a las 18:42 
I do not like to comment to often, so take it fore granted;

"larryh00ver 8 Apr @ 10:28pm
hello! thank you for this, one of the only district mods that works these days. I dont own the industries DLC (not worth anyway) but it works with the updated version of the game so far."

In my opinion it is the most worth dlc you can get to date.
ggukken 15 MAY a las 12:15 
@MJB i'll give that a go, cheers! :)
MJB 10 MAY a las 8:32 
@ ggukken You can give "More Effective Transfer Manager" a try. It also helps with better localization of industry to commercial orders.
ggukken 9 MAY a las 15:35 
Just returned to this game. Does this mod not work anymore, and if so, is there a good alternative these days?
larryh00ver 8 ABR a las 13:28 
hello! thank you for this, one of the only district mods that works these days. I dont own the industries DLC (not worth anyway) but it works with the updated version of the game so far.
breed4me22 25 MAR a las 15:26 
Can we please get this fixed
Mask-ff 25 MAR a las 15:05 
And the reason that ambulances are not spawned is because apparently there exists a conflict between post office and hospital/clinic. If a post office and hospital/clinic co-exist in the same region, ambulances are not spawned.
GoodDoggo 24 MAR a las 14:38 
Fix this please, this is necessary
Mask-ff 23 MAR a las 16:47 
After the update, ambulances and fire trucks are not spawned anymore. Cims are ended up sick and dead, and buildings are burnt down