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SCP Containment Breach - SCP-1074
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1 SEP 2017 a las 6:43
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SCP Containment Breach - SCP-1074

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a.k.a Stendhal's Nightmare

Publicado originalmente por SCP Foundation:
SCP-1074 is a portrait-sized oil painting on canvas, produced by an unidentified artist. When photographed or videotaped, the entirety of SCP-1074 appears to be painted a uniform shade of gray, with distinctly visible brush strokes. Samples removed from SCP-1074 by a remote-controlled drone have been identified as an oil-based gray paint of the type commonly available in art supply stores in the United States.

When SCP-1074 is viewed by a human being, the observer immediately begins to exhibit physiological symptoms similar to the onset of Stendhal syndrome,1 including increased heart rate, sweating, and vertigo. The individual viewing SCP-1074 will attempt to vividly describe the image they are seeing to anyone present, frequently describing it as the greatest or most moving work of art they have ever seen. Statements from persons so affected describe it not as a blank gray canvas, but as a highly detailed painting of an inconsistent nature. No two individuals exposed to SCP-1074 have described the same painting; recurring themes in subject statements describe imagery suggesting human mortality, individual insignificance, legal or moral judgment, religious eschatology, and [REDACTED].

Yo! I bring another SCP today SCP-1074

The model was found in the game's Wiki, which was later implemented. In the version 1.3 it was removed from the game. Now it is back for your SFM needs!

Special Thanks:

Me: Model Porting & Artwork.
Tats: Tester & Artwork.
Dr Genocide: Tester & Artwork.
Ionyen: Tester & Artwork.
Jared: Providing a map replica of SCP-1074's room.
Joonas "Regalis" Rikkonen: Creator of SCP Containment Breach game.

Garry's Mod Version!

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14 comentarios
Jared  [autor] 25 MAR a las 0:57 
here's [] the replica map i made (small)
The Nightmare Squid 5 MAY 2018 a las 3:33 
Great, I'll look into it, then!
Festive Johnny  [autor] 4 MAY 2018 a las 18:30 
FragMotion i think it is called.
The Nightmare Squid 4 MAY 2018 a las 17:15 
What's the program? I could stand to get some of the mesh files including rooms from it. If they can be ported to Blender and then to Source, that's all I need.
Festive Johnny  [autor] 4 MAY 2018 a las 8:51 
b3d files indeed, although for those you need another program to open them.
The Nightmare Squid 4 MAY 2018 a las 7:30 
What file types are they? 'cause everything in my copy of CB has .b3d files, and I can't find where to make them...less impossible to port. Or am I just missing something?
Festive Johnny  [autor] 4 MAY 2018 a las 7:03 
I ported them via Blender
The Nightmare Squid 4 MAY 2018 a las 6:07 
How did you get these from SCP:CB to here?
- Abby Sciuto 7 SEP 2017 a las 4:23 
Honestly I'd just do a 4096² texture and bumpmap for the picture just because, have it nice and high res'.
Bayside 1 SEP 2017 a las 23:34 
@Chari You would click show model in element viewer, add override materials, and look for the texture of the canvas and then replace that texture with the desired image in the appropriate format. (.vmt and .vtf formats are most common with textures of this nature.)