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Welcome To Pokemon Allstars

Welcome to a new and exciting version of Pokemon in Ark.

I have decided after 7 months of creating Pokemon Evolved to start over fresh with fresh and inovative game content.

In light of Pixelmon getting shut down I have decided to try and remake the whole game experiance for Pokemon in ark. With a brand new team to help in the creation of Pokemon Allstars the sky is really the limit. After hearing that pixelmon had gotten shut down I decided that I wanted to relaunch and show my support towards the community that I had been a part of. Pixelmon was the reason that I had the courage to release Pokemon in ark in the first place so. Unlinke Pokemon Evolved this mod is more focused on Pokemon less on Ark. We will be changing the gameplay of how things work to try and go towards the idea that pixelmon had been able to accomplish so well. A lot of changes will be coming fast to allstars, but I wanted to give the users of ark the chance to play Allstars as it grew.

What is different between this and Pokemon Evolved?

Pokemon Evolved was heavely reliant on controlling the spawners it needed to be in the first slot and there was a lag that came off the engrams that was a major issue. All these things have been changed in allstars. The spawners are additions so you can run this mod with dinos or modded creatures if you wished. Instead of using the barbaric method of knocking out pokemon you will use the new poke ball system to catch your pokes. We are leaning more towards you gotta catch em all so Pokemon will not all be able to be summoned you will need to go out and find and catch the pokemon you would like.

Is this mod stackable?

As of right now Pokemon Allstars is 100% stackable may change in the future.

How many pokemon are in Pokemon Allstars?

Since I am redoing all the pokemon it will take a little while to get the amount of pokemon I had in Pokemon Evolved at this point there is a little under 120 pokemon in game.

Can you summon any Pokemon?

You can summon the following from the Poke Shop Counter -


How often will this mod be updated?


What maps will this work on?

The Center
Scorched Earth
The Island

Can you run Allstars no dinos?

Yes with override codes.

Future -

More Pokemon
PC System
Currency System

We hope to be able to progress the amazing community that is Pokemon and would like to thank Pixelmon again you are gone but not forgotten.

override codes for poke balls









auto puts the selected pokeball in ur 9th hotbar slot
alt+shift then scroll with mouse wheel to select pokemon

Here is a link for those that want poke balls in their game seperate

Pokemon Allstars Discord

If you would like to donate

I have learned during playing that it is possible to sell captured pokemon on the auction houseit is easiest if u see a wild pokemon that you think you wanna sell on auction just catch in poke ball do not throw it out and name put directly on auction house.

I will be selling pokemon in game on there

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@Wolfie: Seeing how Pokémon Evolved is still around since the beginning of the year...I'd say it could look worse.
Wolfie hace 4 horas 
Dont want to be that asshole but it's just a matter of time before this get flagged and removed for copyright
Dante hace 9 horas 
I have a problem with the pokeballs. if I throw an empty pokeball and miss, then I have two and so on. if I caught a pokemon, I can get it out but the pokeball is not empty then i can throw it again and porte my pokemon with it. however, my inventory will be overflown with copies. Besides, where do I write the codes purely for the cost of pokeballs? game.ini or gameuser?
eTch 17 NOV a las 5:15 
any way to disable the extra ui? or to shrink it to like 1/2 o 1/3?
PcJeremy 16 NOV a las 22:35 
Do any of the pokemon gather? i know there were a couple that did in the original but havent found anything so far in all stars
TheWildcard 16 NOV a las 18:32 
@ZERO3TEARS Mainly because All-Stars is a newer mod and Evolved has been out for several more months
Vigilante05 16 NOV a las 16:07 
do these replace stuff?
ZERO3TEARS 16 NOV a las 12:17 
*why does pokemon Evolved have 3,500 ratings and this only has 320??*
ZERO3TEARS 16 NOV a las 12:15 
lol oops i mixed up the names
TheWildcard 15 NOV a las 14:07 
You're talking about Pokemon Evolved