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OBE (OneButtonEnhancement)
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OBE (OneButtonEnhancement)

Interact with Vehicles, Doors (Open/Close) and Glass (Destroy) by simply pressing one button (instead of using the overloaded Scrollmenu).

Latest Version: 0.2.0 - NOW WITH VEHICLE SUPPORT!

BI Forum Thead:

DEV Version Repository (Stringtables and Vehicle Configs):

Dev-Version (may contain Bugs)

=========== WIP-INFOS ===========

All the Basic-Things are added. More to come later (see: "PLANNED FEATURES" down below)

=========== USAGE ===========

- Select the desired point on a Vehicle, if it's highlighted (and the slot is free) -> Press your button and get in it. It can't be easier.
- Look at the Door, press the Button, voilà, the door opens/closes it.
- Look at a Window/Glass, have your Primary Weapon in your Hand (NOT Handgun!), press CTRL + Button, voilà, the Glass is shattered in pieces

=========== PLAYER SETUP ===========
- Define your Custom Controll button "11"
- Define your Custom Controll button "12" to toggle "Show all avialable Points on a vehicle" ON or OFF (i hate descriptions...)

Esc -> Options -> Controls -> Keyboard -> DropDownMenu "Custom Controls" -> Select "User Action 11" -> Assign a button ("F" is suitable) -> Done.
Esc -> Options -> Controls -> Keyboard -> DropDownMenu "Custom Controls" -> Select "User Action 12" -> Assign a button ("F10" is suitable) -> Done.

=========== COMPABILITY ===========

- Since 0.2: 99.9% of the A3-Vanilla Vehicles (incl. DevTool for easy Mod-Support)

- All Arma 3 Vanilla Buildings (incl. Tanoa)

- All CUP Buildings

- IFA3 (follows - currently in developement)

- Westwall (follows)
Workshop: -TBA-

- M1lkm8n's Buildings (Jbad!!) (note: "soon")

=========== MISSION SETUP ===========

There is nothing you need to do (OBE starts automaticaly).

=========== SERVER SETUP ===========

Put the .bikey in the "Keys" Folder of your Server. Nothing else (No, the addon doesn't need to be loaded on the Server)

=========== PLANNED FEATURES ===========

- ESC-Menu Interface, to customize the IconColor,Textsize and something else that i just forgot...
- Ladder support
- Adding specific animations, when destroying Glass


Any further questions? -> ReadMe
The ReadMe can (mostly) be found in " C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\!Workshop\@OBE (OneButtonEnhancement) " (Or wherever your Steam is installed)

Any more questions?
Channel: #OBE

Additional Info:
This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except for the original IP-Owner ("Dscha").
This means: You are NOT allowed to upload it to the Steam-Workshop!
Do yourself a favor and create a Steam Workshop Collection, it makes yours (and all other lifes) much more easier.
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93 条留言
Dscha  [作者] 2018年11月30日下午5:37 
"Updated 31 May, 2017 @ 7:58pm"
I stopped doing anything in Arma.

+No idea if CBA/ACE added it. I remember Deadmen watching at the files.
Axebeard 2018年11月29日上午1:11 
Is this outdated or something? Because either CBA or ACE automatically does what this mod does. This just seems to add an extra icon. And the windows on Takistan's homes don't seem to break. Not sure if any other windows will either, haven't had a chance to test it much.
LuizBarros99 2018年10月31日下午6:36 
Oh, then OK
Dscha  [作者] 2018年10月31日下午12:55 
Reupload is, due to the STEAM EULA, NOT allowed.
LuizBarros99 2018年10月14日下午4:59 
Since you left modding, is there any chance of you allowing people to continue the development of the mod, and then re-upload it?
Brendansports 2018年8月14日上午2:14 
Is their a way to remove the txt in chat about setting keybindings when you join?
Dscha  [作者] 2018年8月3日下午7:04 
(I stopped modding for Arma a loooooong time ago. Can't help you with that any further)
Zxara Amador 2018年8月3日上午7:17 
Mod soft-locks me in Diplomatic Relations. Can't enter the truck no matter what I have the custom buttons set to.
🅖🅞🅥🅡🅘🅝 2018年6月20日上午11:07 
but i cant enter a car
🅖🅞🅥🅡🅘🅝 2018年6月20日上午4:53 
thats a nice mod really