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Dinosaur museum
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Dinosaur museum

This is a simple mod that adds a crafting table where you can craft replicas of 33
different dinosaurs, 6 skeleton dinosaurs, as well as info boards that display their
dossiers so that you can really get that museum feeling. You can also build 7 different
trophy bases. 5 of these are different sizes of the same one the other 2 were made to
support the flying dinosaurs quetzal, pteranodon and dimorphodon. The trophies will
snap to these bases.

There are 81 items included in this mod but only one engram. Once you have unlocked the
trophy table engram all the craftables will appear in its inventory.

Most of the dinosaurs I chose to make trophies of are ones that have been in the game
for a long time, for example parasaur, ankylo and pachy.

Mod id: 880490357.

Feedback is appreciated.

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60 条留言
SubtendedCrib8 2月11日下午8:38 
You should update to include Aberration and Extinction as well
Obs Hayan 2018年10月2日上午3:23 
hello is there a workbench on this mod ?
Legend-Storm 2018年9月12日上午8:59 
great mod pls update the other dinos pls pls pls
❄Lady Anailaigh❄ 2018年6月1日下午7:55 
id really love to see ALL dinosaurs ark has done up to rn.
Wolvenspirits 2018年5月26日下午2:00 
I am building a Natural History Museum, going to take a while so will post pics when I am done.
Wolvenspirits 2018年5月26日下午1:54 
This is a great mod!! I was wondering if you are going to add more dino's later on and for some the female ones are different like the Megalosaurus, was also looking for the wolf. Thank you.
Gank 2018年5月17日下午1:05 
Darn it , you got me! i planned just a 3 second peek, now i have to Sub:D This looks well done, TY for the time invested in this, hitting the Rate/Thumb/Pop, in respect for your hard work:)
Maelztrom 2018年3月18日下午6:25 
Also could we get dossiers for the wall?
Maelztrom 2018年3月18日下午6:08 
I like this mod a lot! some simple (maybe?) ideas that would really make it amazing:

1) Tweak the collision meshes to make it possible to walk along the tops of them. The first thing I wanted to do with the bronto skeleton was to parkour to the top.

2) Maybe add multiple poses? Like the megalosaurus trophies could be one with a radial wheel that lets you change from sleepirng to awake. Attack, damage, and running animations would be fun for each dino.

3) An option to tweak the size down: Action figure dinosaurs!

Also, these need HP so theyre not OP, and we need more dossiers.

Thanks for the awesome mod!
Lava_Prime 2017年6月25日上午12:59 
Love this mod, aquatics would make it perfect