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Achilles is a gameplay modification for Arma 3. It expands the Zeus real-time editor with many new additions as well as provides bug fixes.

Achilles started as an expansion to Ares mod, which was created by Anton Struyk. Achilles became the de facto successor to Ares at the point the latter was no longer updated. Achilles has already grown into a splendid project, but new additions are still to come!

Table of Contents
• Features
• Language Localization
• Getting Started
  ◦ Installing
  ◦ Required Addons
  ◦ Incompatible Addons
  ◦ Optional Addons
  ◦ Other Zeus Addons
• Documentation
• Reporting Issues, Requesting Features and Changes
• How to Contribute
  ◦ Basic Steps
  ◦ Setting up Your Local Development Environment
  ◦ Add a New Module
  ◦ Add a Translation
• Authors
• Contact
• License

• Visual changes to the Zeus interface
• Tons of new modules:
  ◦ ACE Medical (e.g. heal, injury; also work in vanilla!)
  ◦ AI Behaviour (e.g. animations, garrison buildings, surrender)
  ◦ Arsenal (e.g. add/modify)
  ◦ Buildings (e.g. destruction, breachable doors)
  ◦ Development Tools (e.g. execute code, config/function viewer)
  ◦ Environment (e.g. advanced weather, earthquakes)
  ◦ Equipment (e.g. toggle tac light)
  ◦ Fire Support (e.g. artillery, suppressive fire)
  ◦ Objects (e.g. attach to, toggle simulation, IEDs)
  ◦ Reinforcements (e.g. spawn reinforcements on the fly)
  ◦ Scenario Flow (e.g. advanced intel, side relations)
  ◦ Spawn (e.g. custom compositions, smoke pillar, USS Freedom)
  ◦ Zeus (e.g. add/remove objects)
• Extended attribute window:
  ◦ Groups (e.g. careless, hold fire)
  ◦ Vehicles (e.g. cargo, pylons, garage, damage wheels)
  ◦ etc.
• New waypoint types:
  ◦ e.g. seek and destroy, paradrop, sling load
• Hotkeys:
  ◦ Copy/past units including the full loadouts
  ◦ Remote control
  ◦ etc.
• Customizations:
  ◦ Settings (e.g. faction filter)

Language Localization
Achilles is available for the following languages:
• English
• French
• German
• Japanese
• Russian
• Simplified Chinese
• Traditional Chinese
If your language is not on the list, the English localization will be used. We welcome any new translations (check out How to Contribute).

Getting Started
Below is what you need to know to get Achilles up and running:
• Installing
• Required Addons
• Incompatible Addons
• Optional Addons
• Other Zeus Addons

You can download Achilles from:
Steam Workshop
If you are not familiar with installing ArmA 3 addons, check out the Armaholic installation guide[].

Required Addons
Achilles requires:
Arma 3[]
Community Based Addons A3 (CBA_A3)

Incompatible Addons
Addons that you should not run when you use Achilles:

Optional Addons
These mods below are required for certain features (e.g. fast-roping):
Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE3)
Advanced Rappeling (AR)
Task Force Arrowhead Radio (TFAR)

Other Zeus Addons
A list of other Zeus mods that are not required, but nice additions:
Zeus/Eden Compositions (ZEC)
Zeus/Eden Compositions for CUP (ZECCUP)
Zeus/Eden Interiors (ZEI)

Check out the Achilles Wiki[] and the Achilles Tutorial Series on YouTube. The documentation is rather limited at the time and thus, you will certainly have questions. We will gladly answer them on our Discord server[].

Reporting Issues, Requesting Features and Changes
Please use our Issue Tracker[] for these kinds of purposes.
In the case of a bug report, please only use a minimal set of mods (i.e. only use other mods than the required ones if they are clearly related to the issue).

How to Contribute
We always welcome contribution to the repository and thank you for your work! We will update the list of contributors.

What you need to know:
• Basic Steps
• Setting up Your Local Development Environment
• Add a New Module
• Add a Translation

Basic Steps
1. Fork the Achilles repository[]
2. Set up your local development environment
3. Do your stuff
4. Create your pull request[]
And then we will have a look at your work!

Setting up Your Local Development Environment
1. Clone your forked repository[]
2. Set up your addon builder (either get Hephaestus[] or use the AchillesAddonBuilder[] in the repository)

Add a New Module
A good starting point for your new module is the custom module framework[].
We will gladly help you to port your custom module to Achilles (message us on our Discord server[]).

Add a Translation
You have to edit the stringtable[]. The basics about string tables can be found on the Bohemia Interactive Wiki[]. If you don't want to edit the file with a text editor, you can use a dedicated tool such as Tabler[].

Check out the list of contributors[].

Find us on our Discord server[].

Achilles is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International[] license.
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Kex  [作者] 8月12日上午10:13 
@NorX Aengell
Removed source files and config.cpp's are now binarized.
Kex  [作者] 8月10日上午9:50 
@S. Compton
No need for a new issue ticket. It was already suggested quite a while ago ( Issue #17 []).
CreepPork_LV  [作者] 8月10日上午7:40 
@S. Compton
I'd recommend you create a issue on GitHub as we tend to lose things in here.
CreepPork_LV  [作者] 8月10日上午7:39 
@NorX Aengell
Yes, there has been a issue with the packing of Achilles as the source is also included. I'll let Kex know and we should be pushing a new update soon. I just don't have access to publish a new update so you'll just have to wait.
NorX Aengell 8月8日下午12:45 
Hi mate, seem with the last update we have a lot of folders who doesn"t should be there ^^. And by the way you should binarize your config.cpp to have a config.bin en delete the .cpp. Cheers
S. Compton 8月7日下午6:31 
This might be a stupid requst but could you please add a amount of squads that will get spawed with the rienforcments? the reason i ask is to allow fo people who say want to use a c-130 for a AB drop with enenmy AI and a squad allows 10 people and the c-130 allows 60 to be able to fill ti and drop 6 squads worth in one go.

This would be the simplist way i would think. asyou could selct 1-say 10 squads to have put into the vehicle.
Master Ganj 8月3日下午6:45 
Thank you for your reply! Good to know it wasn't something wrong with my setup..
CreepPork_LV  [作者] 8月3日上午11:47 
I'd say no, due to the effort needed to port the modules to Eden. It can be already difficult to port modules from Eden to Zeus.
CreepPork_LV  [作者] 8月3日上午11:46 
@Master Ganj
It's a bug we can't resolve due to limitations.
Master Ganj 8月3日上午6:33 
Can confirm the issue that Pope Swagstorm is having is happening to me aswell.