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Heros Survive
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Heros Survive

This addon makes it easy to survive in the big wide world of Arma.
You can eat, drink, check on your body temperature and use many items.

Many parameters can be set. As a result, this addon can combined with all islands and all other addons.
It is important to look at the Mission which is examplary to show you the world of Arma. To get experience you shod make as many experiments as possible. (#_Heros_Survive.Stratis)
The description of the parameters requires some experience. But for that it is independent of other addons.
It should all be described in the exemplarily Mission.
Everyone can use the addon!
But to create a mission is a knowledge of 'sqf' required!
But almost everything is possible! This addon can be fully customized by mission makers.
- Read readme.txt.
- Test the sample mission.
It is important to look at the example of mission and the readme.txt !
-> Path: ...Arma3 - !Workshop - @Heros Survive
Testing in Single Player or Multiplayer:

Copy the path '...Arma3 - !Workshop - @Heros Survive - # _Heros_Survive.Stratis' to your 'Documents' -> 'Arma 3 - Other Profiles' - '..Profilname ...' -> 'missions' or 'MPMission'
Here you can test and adjust the addon.
The addon can be combined with ACE3. - Not 100% compatible.
In this addon a simple first-aid system and repair system is integrated.
- Do not use items with ACE or other systems.
- Please use only the ACE system with ACE.


Only for players of 'DayZero'.
Version 2.8


Donate for beer and pizza or read the post at the Bohemia Forum

BIS - Forum:

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issues with food and first aids
Screen goes all blurry
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Smokkerino 14 小时以前 
I used this addon so much.

It's kinda great but of curse this needs more work.

You can't get money on kill or stuff like that you can only find them.
You can't do a vehicle purchase system .
You can't lower duration of Hungry or Thirst.
Loot not working on Tanoa or Malden.
So much objects usless you can't build with them or stuff like that just show an error on top right.

Of curse i know this mod is for someone with a little bit of experience with scripting because you can customize this. I gave 100% of my "ability" to play with this, and now the mod is dead this is sad.
TheMidnightCrow 8月8日下午10:16 
Do you have plans to fix this,I would love to use it.
Mr.RaspberryJam 5月4日上午11:58 
This doesn't work with ACE the UI on the side of the screen isn't visable....
heros  [作者] 4月29日上午8:19 
Currently, this addon is not working anymore. Only very big bugs are fixed. I think it works the way it should.

Loot works on every island! Except if buildings were not created according to BIS basic values.

Settings not included in the module:
- Read the attached readme.txt
-Test the example mission
- See example mission. (File: ...\HerosWorld\Her_Survive.sqf)
- Or:
Gage 4月25日下午10:09 
thank you for the reply :) It must be something on my end i double click it and the menu just goes down and nothing happens
heros  [作者] 4月25日下午1:10 
Hello. I have just tested it in the example mission. Gasoline and diesel work. Also the filling of the water canister works. Fuel can be filled at the tanker and at the filling station. Filling the water canister works in my mission. Therefore, everything should work.
Gage 4月25日上午11:37 
Is the not being able to put fuel into the cans a problem for everyone still or just me?
SHARK Gonbrig 3月31日下午12:38 
how to use the alarm receiver?
loop.exe 3月17日上午12:31 
Glad it works! Sorry, I alays struggle to test MP compatibility on my sole computer ;)
Arcaviouse 3月16日下午4:30 
Hey, thanks for the help man! Means alot to me that it got fixed so that now my friend and i can enjoy this mission cooperatively.