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World Expansion Project: ADVENT
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World Expansion Project: ADVENT

World Expansion Project: ADVENT

Latest Update: 22/02/2016
- Added new ADVENT Landing Pad for the CityCentre

The first release of the World Expansion Project, 'WEP: Advent' adds a number of new ADVENT map PCPs and Parcels to the XCOM 2 map generation pool, creating more variation in the levels that are generated for you to enjoy.

You don't need to do anything except subscribe and enable the mod in the launcher - the level generator will automatically add the new content to generated levels. You do not need to start a new game.

Compatible with any other new parcel/PCP packs.

Currently the mod contains:
  • New ADVENT checkpoints
  • House raids
  • Traffic stops
  • Dropship Pads
Please feel free to suggest new content for this pack, as well as the next area you'd like the Map Expansion Project to cover!

Thanks to PilotGuy for the awesome Workshop image!

Also available on the Nexus[www.nexusmods.com]

Please make sure you back up your save-games - the game will not load games that have been saved while using mods that have then been disabled.

The creator is not responsible for any loss/damage/injury associated with use of this mod. Use at your own risk.
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SoupyD 2018年9月30日上午11:19 
Beautiful mod, works with LW 2 for the guy asking below. I have a question myself: does the mod add advent stuff to every map? Like, it's totally random right? So more likely than not, will every map have some kind of advent landing pad or checkpoint, even in the wilderness? I feel like that might be a problem (but I'm only wondering, not at all sure)
famouswolfe 2018年6月26日下午4:18 
Compatible with WOTC?
Rusty | SkyPaladin 2018年5月29日上午5:54 
Please make a version compatible with LWOTC / Highlander?
Nighthawkmk2 2018年3月23日下午2:58 
Hello is this mod compatible with long war 2/LW2? Please and thank you
Rusty 2018年3月4日下午5:06 
No WotC
Sir Luis 2018年1月13日下午8:11 
please add ADVENT warehouses to raid or ADVENT a army barracks that you can just go into and kill
Eggers11bmre 2018年1月2日上午3:49 
电波 2017年12月28日上午4:40 
want WOTC +1
Sorrow and Sadness 2017年11月19日下午1:39 
Just recently, for various missions ranging from kidnap target, hack workstation, to even a alien facility, my squad begins right on top of the objective. In the case of the facility, if I blow up the ceiling, I would be right by the C4 target. I am not sure if this mod is causing it or the better advent 2, I am asking both. Are you aware of this?
Dragon32 2017年9月11日下午12:40 
Hey Beacon, not sure how the map-makers' grapevine is going but I saw a couple of posts by Vozati over on his mod's Discussion page. Maybe old news to you, but...

If you want to port a plot you need to do 2 things:
1- Steal an XcomLevelVolume from a working plot and put it on yours then build the level
2- Copy the PCP_arctype and xpack package file and include them in your mod
That will fix the game just using random pcps since the file path for the game and editor are apparently different.

I think parcels missing assets is the same problem of mismatching file paths, I could not get posters to work until I copied that package into my mod but copying entire asset packages is something that should be avoided. Plus some parcel types need new objective spawn possiblites as well.