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ARK: Survival Evolved

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TLDR: Due to core issues with Valhalla we will be releasing a new map.

Read more about the change here ---> Map Trasition
To discuss this please visit our discord -

MOD ID: 504122600

Hosting a server? Here is a walkthrough on setting up our maps with CraftAndSurvive![]
Features: 4.5ghz / SSD.NVMe / 8GB RAM+

Streaming on twitch on and off while we work on the map. Feel free to stop by and let us know what you think. Twitch[]

Rebuilt from the original Valhalla map.
Landmass is about 2x-3x of standard ark map.
Water is about 4x-6x of standard map. (We plan to do a lot in the water)
We are paying a lot of attention to the level streaming to make it so a wide range of computers can run the map.
Some issues are to be expected during creation as we don't have any previous map/modding/UE4 experience.
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Excited Kangaroo
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Excited Kangaroo
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Shikaigan 2月20日下午11:05 
Please fix this map
roberto.turati02 2月16日上午6:21 
I know all of them. And they're all not supported anymore and embarrassingly bugged 😕

I play many other maps, but these two are my favorite ones, for this I focus my thoughts on them 🙃
Chaoz Night 2月16日上午5:14 
@roberto.turati02 Its not as simple as copy paste its a 3d object that was created in valhalla. There are some mods that add floating islands to the the default map. Idk if they work or not anymore but i have seen them. Im not to sure if ragnarok is in the devkit to be modded . I dont think it is. You can check out some other maps i think some of them have floating islands. Theres a ton of other maps to try just have to find one you like.
roberto.turati02 2月16日上午3:17 
Or if the devs can't...It's sad that no modder has thought to make a mod adding a custom floating island to Ragnarok yet
roberto.turati02 2月16日上午3:16 
@Chaoz Night

Now I reveal you why I ask lol this map things: I'm writing an amateur story about ARK, but until now I had to be vague with the map environment because it's difficult for me to decide what ARK is the perfect one for my lore needed details.

For this what I'd like is a revisit on Valhalla or at least this last addition to Ragnarok =)
roberto.turati02 2月16日上午3:13 
Do you think this thing is possible for them?
roberto.turati02 2月16日上午3:13 
OK, I understood.

Then they shouldn't have problems with adding this floating island on Ragnarok: the floating island is my favorite detail in Valhalla: the circle of pillars under it, the nice pine wood, the small lake in the middle of it, the little cave above this lake, the dungeon in the floating island underground...

If they "copy" this isle and "paste" it somewhere on Ragnarok, for me would be a realized dream =)
Chaoz Night 2月15日下午6:52 
@roberto.turati02 I know your upset and so are a lot of other people. But truth is valhalla while it is a nice map was there first time makeing a map. From what i understand and the problems cant be fixed without starting from scratch. And that means prolly a year of work from them again. Map making is not as easy as throw it together like some of these other mods. And making it as big as they did the wrong way is one of valhallas problems. So only way that would happen is them redoing the map. Really i understand why they are reluctant its a lot of work and they are extremly detail oriented. I mean look at ahow long raganarok took and and check out some of there videos on them making it. They spent hours on hours on small parts of the map. So maybe one day but not anytime soon. They just finished ragnarok im sure they want some time away othere than bug fixing it.
roberto.turati02 2月15日下午12:53 
@Chaoz Night

I know Valhalla is "dead", but I don't care; I like it too much (and I'm no the only one, according to what I see). And Ragnarok biomes are too close one to the others...And there's nofloating island, there =P

Too bad the devs are fully busy with Wildcard (I undesrtood like that...Don't know if it's completely so), otherwis thay could use the Ragnarok's designs to REVISIT Valhalla! Make it larger...Add artifacts caves...Make the lava in the volcano damaging and add eruptions...Stuff like that!
roberto.turati02 2月15日下午12:48 
It's a little annoying that the redwoods are made like that here: I can't place the tree platforms...

However why don't I find giant bees nor thylacholeos? Is their spawner bugged?