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Genetic Experiments
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Genetic Experiments

This mod looks to expand pop assembly to organics and further develop the genetic ascension path. It is best when paired with the Superior Species Mod, but this is not required.

Makes Cloning Vats available to all biological empires that acquire the Cloning technology, instead of being exclusive to those who pursue the Genetic Ascension path, like with the other cloning technologies present in the game. Those who do pursue the Genetic Ascension path unlock an advanced, more efficient, more productive version of the building.
Instead of giving a bonus to pop growth speed, these buildings employ Life Crafters to assemble a biological pops from a species of your choice. This empowers multi-species (or multi-subspecies) empires to grow two pops at a time: Ban reproduction for your slaves to keep your rulers the majority, but continue assembling new servants through cloning!
This also allows those empires who do not wish to use robotics (due to empire ethics or just personal preference) to keep up with those that do. The choice between assembling organic or robotic pops is made through a new Policy, and assembly of either type be disabled as in vanilla. Machine Empires, for obvious reasons, can still only produce machines.

Additionally, those who pursue the Genetic Ascension Path gain access to the Genetic Experiments menu, found in the Edicts tab. For now this focuses on the development of Biomorphs, a new species type with extra trait picks and points and a high universal habitability, but it will be expanded in the future to provide leader creation/cloning and similar toys. Create subservient Bio-Thralls to work as slaves in your empire, or have your own dominant species shed the burden of evolutionary clutter: The power is now yours!

This mod harms a few pieces of vanilla code. Full compatibility is provided for the mods Superior Species (obviously) and Mundane Machines Plus. Changes are denoted as either Major features (don't replace these if you can) and Minor features (nothing important will break if you replace these).
  • Major: The Clone Vats and Robot Assembly Plant buildings. Compatibility has been provided for Mundane Machines Plus.
  • Minor: The Assembly Control planetary decision and the can_species_be_assembled game rule.
  • Major: The assimilation citizenship type and living standard, and the is_organic_species scripted trigger.
  • Minor: The Engineered Evolution and Evolutionary Mastery ascension perks.
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Kaz 10月18日上午5:11 
Bizarre bug, but whenever the game has to create a brand new biomorph leader (if you've fired enough of the existing leaders so there arent any left), the leader's gender will be listed as "indeterminable" in debugtooltips and the portrait will default to the first gender, i.e if humans, you'll only ever get dudes from that point on.
Muggins  [作者] 10月8日下午11:24 
If you've got the tech, it should change from cloning to robotics accordingly.
OverlordMGC 10月7日上午4:58 
What happens with my cloning buildings if I change my policy from organic cloning to robotic assembly and vice versa?
OverlordMGC 9月10日上午10:07 
I don't know why but I have somehow the feeling that this mod needs some biomechanical looking portraits. Somthing half life looking or like that... i don't know why I have this feeling.
Robert 8月15日上午8:28 
I can't set my main species (and only, as a Hive Mind) rights to Assimilation.
So that's a no go unfortunately.
Muggins  [作者] 8月15日上午3:40 
Actually, though it might take a while, you should be able to re-assimilate your original species back into biomorphs through their species rights. Making a more robust, even targetable, version of the Superior Species project might be a good middle-ground though. I'll look into it.
Robert 8月14日上午9:42 
I half-worked around it by simply gene modding my original species to what I want, which is stronger than the old Biomorph now. I feel like a full work around would be allowing me to do the Superior Species project again, with my new ultimate species.
Perhaps the second project can be cheaper to reflect this? So if you have the flag "already did this", then you unlock a new project, which is the exact same project, but cheaper.

Would that work, or am I missing something obvious?
Muggins  [作者] 8月14日上午8:48 
Sadly there's just no way for me to work around that. I know your pain.
Robert 8月14日上午8:08 
I ran into a problem with this mod. I have a few mods that add technologies that add Gene Modding Trait Points.
Unfortunately, these points are not added to the Biomorph pops. Therefore, the only way I can use them is if I genemod my original, non-Biomorph pop template, getting rid of the Biomorph trait completely.