Sid Meier's Civilization VI

Sid Meier's Civilization VI

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Anno Domini: Gathering Storm edition
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Anno Domini: Gathering Storm edition

The Ancient World total conversion mod, Anno Domini has now been updated for the Gathering Storm expansion!

30 ancient civilizations battle it out for ancient world domination...this is a total mod conversion, but it does require both expansions and the Persia/Macedonia and Nubia DLC.

For those of you who haven't come across Anno Domini before, it plays much like the "epic" game of Civilization VI, except everything is from the Ancient and Classical world - from the Dawn of Time to the fall of Rome. There's about as many techs and civics as the "epic" game, except they're all from that timeframe - as are the many buildings, units, wonders and resources.

In terms of the mod's development, it is fully playable as a complete mod, but you will notice that there are some updates still to come, for example, missing art for some of the historic moments. This is being worked on, but I wanted you all to be able to play the mod as soon as possible and hope those are minor issues that don't detract from the playing experience.

Please note that as a total conversion mod, other mods are likely to be incompatible - for example, they may require technologies available in the base game, but not in Anno Domini.

As Anno Domini is still being updated, I would welcome constructive and positive feedback to assist with the future development of the mod.

Whilst I have put the mod together myself, I got a lot of help on the way; I've listed the contributors below (please let me know if I've missed someone - I hope I haven't!!)

ChimpanG: Various art, including leaderheads
Christy15: Civilizations
Civitas team: Civilizations
deliverator: units
JFD: Civilizations
Gedemo: City states
JanBoruta: Leader art, icons
Merrick: Civilizations, improvements
p0kiehl: City states, buildings, improvements
Seeling Cat: Civilizations
Sukritact: Civilizations, units, UI
TheCrazyScotsman: City states, buildings, improvements
Tomatekh: Religions
Wolfdog: units
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193 条留言
Helwyk 5月21日上午10:24 
Thank you for all you hard work that you put into making this mod.

I am also experiencing issues with switching policies, the workaround that I currently use is double-click the policies to select them in order to proceed with playing, but than I am stuck with my choices, you will be able to change some of them as you progress with different government, but you will not be able to switch policies in course of one chosen government.

You have 1 military policy selected and now you are switching to a government that has 2 military policy slots. You will be able to add the second slot but you will be stuck with what ever that is that you've selected for the first one. The same will goes for vice versa scenario.

Hope this give some more detail about the issue. Thanks again for an excellent mode :steamhappy:
sigfred 5月18日上午2:10 
I LOVE the mod, but like so many others am stuck at turn 12-14 because of the policy issue. Definitely hoping it gets fixed. Great design and detail. Brilliant.
rob8xft  [作者] 5月16日上午3:21 
Thanks everyone for the comments. I have some time off work at the end of May, so I'm hoping to sort out an update at that time. There seems to be some things that have been updated by the patch that I need to look into...but will do so. Thanks for the patience during a difficult "real life" time in early 2019.
rustyjones4 5月15日下午5:15 
I have found an issue with met City-States not appearing under the City-State contact list, and I have envoys that cannot be assigned to the one City-State that does appear. And also seeing the reported inability to change policies. A super cool Mod, however, an amazing piece of work. I can't wait to play it once these bugs are fixed.
Raven 5月12日上午10:38 
I am also having a problem switching policies. Once one is assigned in a slot, it can't be changed.
contactesmonde 5月11日下午8:14 
I am having an issue switching policies
Livius 5月11日上午2:39 
To Tomoy, how can you enjoy this mode ? I am stuck at turn 14 because of policies... To bad, seems to be cool
[Seo]나비 5月10日下午11:08 
이거 다운받으면 한국이랑 일본 없어짐. 그래서 비추
Tomoya 5月10日下午12:35 
Having constant CTD, really really like this mod, hope the CTD issues get fixed

Same for me
bradford.matts 5月7日上午3:27 
Having constant CTD, really really like this mod, hope the CTD issues get fixed