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[1-4P] Toytanic - Cruise Ship Race Track
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[1-4P] Toytanic - Cruise Ship Race Track

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Race around the Toytanic stage from Re-Volt!

Toytanic is a series of track found in Re-Volt, created by Acclaim Studios. The track's name obviously is a play on the name of the British ship Titanic.

Toytanic 2 and 1 use the same cruise model and racing line. The only apparent difference is the weather and the start position. This Besiege level combines Toytanic 1 starting line on the first floor and the tilted effect of Toytanic 2.

There is also a new original aerial course found in this Besiege level. Fly through checkpoints scattered around the ship and spot some new never before seen locations.

Mission Objective:
☑ Race around the ship using certain vehicle and submit to the leaderboard!

Object count: 3986

    How to determine if your car uses wheel power only or not
    Enable zero-g, press forward/backward. If your car moves forward/backward, then it's not allowed (rotation is ok). Excessive lift that can keep the car airborne and any means of achieving controlled flight are illegal.
  1. No Name | ??? | 0:52:67[]
  2. Brammer001 | WRS5-X | 1:14:39[]
  3. HasH | ??? | 2:16:48[]
  4. Lapsem Weaver Jr. | Custom racing truck | 2:48:16[]
  5. AvaTai | eriyo offroad[] | 3:07:64[]
  6. Petrus1904 | Panzer 38t | 9:10:48[]
  7. Caspercaper17 | ridiculous-bot | 46:51:59

AIR CHALLENGE LEADERBOARD --- Realistic aircraft only
    How to determine if your plane realistic or not
    Enable zero-g, press pitch, roll, and yaw without turning on engine. If your plane rotates, then it's non-realistic. Any autostabilization techniques are not allowed.
    Any basic vanilla machine is allowed.
  1. Six | XF-80 | 0:35:54[]
  2. Brammer001 | XF-80 | 0:36:64[]
  3. dagriefaa | Glatisant-C | 1:05:49
  4. Ross Plavsic | Plane Vanilla | 1:54:38

Comment with your time and a screenshot/video (plus vehicle link if you have) to be recorded in the leaderboard!
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39 条留言
Shadé  [作者] 2019年8月12日下午11:41 
Fixed a bug where player could win the game before passing the last insignia.
Shadé  [作者] 2019年7月14日上午9:35 
Updated with respawn zones for the ground challenge. Now you can respawn by pressing enter.
Shadé  [作者] 2019年5月7日上午4:03 
It's not impossible, I've made sinking ships.
It's just I can't find any purpose whatsoever if i implement it here,
I'm A Lasagna 2019年5月7日上午1:34 
would be cool if you could make it sink

(i would imagine that would be near impossible to do along as very frustraiting)
Six 2019年2月12日上午11:22 
Shadé  [作者] 2019年2月12日上午4:25 
Lucky you, I always forgot to mention it but in my time trial levels basic vanilla machines are always allowed!
Ross P. 2019年2月12日上午1:15 
I love the detail of the ship, especially in the interior! All that's missing is the band that continued to play as the ship sank.
I did the flying challenge, although my plane doesn't count as realistic by your rules. Also, my time was quite slow (1:54:38). But on the bright side, the plane's slowness gave me time to savor the ship's beautifully crafted details!
Shadé  [作者] 2019年2月10日下午5:25 
pls next time write the time in your comment to make things easier to me
Ghost Nate595 2019年2月10日上午9:59 
You should make an ice burg next