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Oni of the Rim
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Oni of the Rim

The mysterious horned and feathered humanoid found on some rim worlds, Oni are often sought out by Glitterworlds for their beauty as a sort of exotic pet. Worse still some are kept as livestock for their feathers, pelts and horns, all having practical and decorative uses. Oni live in temperate areas and rarely employ clothing due to the uncomfortable sensation on their feathered bodies. Due to this, they are highly vulnerable to being set on fire.

Other mods that can be used as add-ons:
(Faceless Heads) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1732462355
(Vanilla Style Heads) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1892869877
(Legacy body texture patch) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1730470676
(More Oni Weapons) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1734112755

(Oni of the Rim: Lite AKA Race/Faction only) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1807327083

Combat Extended compatibility included, but without Oni themed weapons. To re-enable them, requires the "Oni of the Rim: Combat Extended" patch mod.

Oni stats
Life expectancy: 100
Body size: 1.0
Move Speed 6.24
Min Comfortable Temperature: 2
Max Comfortable Temperature: 30
Social Impact: +20%
Animal Gather Speed: +20%
Animal Gather Yield: +10% (Lower animal levels to reach max harvestable)
Animal Tame Chance: +10%
Animal Train Chance: +10%
Hunting Stealth: +25% (Reaches 90% stealth cap with less levels)
Immunity Gain Speed +15%
A racial passive granting +15% Sight, +15% Manipulation, +35 Carrying Capacity
Flammability 275% (Still displayed as 100% in-game. Rain does not naturally extinguish an Oni corpse!)
Market Value: 3600 (Means more wealth, contributing to stronger raids)
Food Poison Chance: +25%
ResearchSpeed: -35%
Construct Success Chance: -10%
Fix Broken Down Building Success Chance: -10%
Smelting Speed: -5%
Smithing Speed: -5%

Disallowed Trait: Pyromaniac (They want to set themselves on fire that badly?)
Forced Trait Probability
Nudist 10% chance
Pretty 10% chance
Beautiful 5% chance

Nature's Blessing 15% chance
New trait Nature's Blessing, unique to Oni.
+2 Social, Animals, Plants. +1 Medical.
Mental break threshold -4%
Animal tame and train chance +25%
Social impact and negociation +15%
Trade improvement +10%

In comparison of base human stats, Oni are more attuned with nature and are more physically suited to a wider set of environments, and do not care about being nude or sleeping on the floor. They are more adaptable in unarmed combat, using their razor sharp nails to claw away at their target, and able to use their horn for impaling. All natural attacks can cause bleeding. In social fights, their damage is restrained so they don't cut off a limb or cause excessive hemorrhaging.
With them being more focused on the physical and nature side, they have little trouble with grasping the scientific concepts and and precisions of construction and crafting. When building or fixing machinery, they can seemingly be a little bit clumsy, more likely to make small critical mistakes leading to failure.
At least with crafting, they simply take little bit longer to not make such mistakes, although they have completely no issues with tailoring or artistic work.

They got a tiny bit more difficulties in making safe meals, due to them perceiving food and ingredients a little different to us humans. They are more than happy casually eat things raw, including insect meat.

To acquire Oni Feathers, an Oni may preen themselvs at a crafting spot, using Demon Breath Ointment (Basically a crafting bill carried out by a Oni). Another option, much to the dislike of the Oni, is to force shear feathers off them as a operation bill. Be warned, they will be VERY unhappy, and it has a cool down.
Oni also randomly gain a hediff shown in the health tab, to shed feathers and horn fragments. When it is active, it'll periodically drop Oni Feathers and Oni Horn Fragments respectively. Only player and prisoner Oni's will spawn the items, and only if they're not downed. Feathers won't spawn when they have cool down of being force sheared.

Three new plants, each involved with the Oni tribal culture. They are locked behind a fairly quick research that an Oni needs to perform to teach your colonists. Already known in Oni starts.
-Featherleaf - A cousin variant of the smokeleaf. Oni's smoking the joint will periodically shed a few extra feathers whilst high on it.
-Demon Breath - A plant with healing properties and also a spice of sorts only appealing to the Oni. Other races will not enjoy the Oni-styled recipes that uses this.
-Yokai Pepper - Functions as a raw vegetable, but also used in a few drug recipes and in their delicacy meal.
A drug line based off Oniamine, a precursor chemical that can be extracted from Oni feathers, horn fragments, pelts and... Their meat. The drugs currently are mainly short term combat boosts, that will make the user a bit more easily tired and hungry once the effects wear off. There is a narcotic poison, that can be used to make a new blowpipe dart weapon.

New weapons
Fukiya - A simple weapon consisting of a narrow, long tube for firing light projectiles or darts. While the dart itself is not so lethal, it has narcotic poison on the tip.
Low base damage
Each hit causes 0.06 poison
As severity increases the target will suffer reduced consciousness manipulation and moving speed at severity 3 the target is at risk of death or brain damage
Range- 18
Base Damage - 3

War Kunai - The Oni war kunai are fearsome. In the trained hands, these can be a devastating tool both in melee and ranged combat
Range - 15.5
Base Damage - 12 (Ranged)
Cut - 12 (Melee)
Stab - 14 (Melee)

New Animal
The scientific name of this great owl is Ornimegalonyx. It is a flightless owl with immensely powerful legs and talons. Standing over a meeter tall and having solid bones, they are terrifying hunters. Living in groups,
it is very uncommon to encounter a singular individual. Males are easy to identify by large head plumage. Very intelligent and can be trained, however they can be as vicious as a Warg when angry.
-High attack speed
-High movement speed
-Advanced training
-Unique "Wise mega owl" health status, chances to gain it increases as it gets older. Buff gets stronger over time.
-An Oni can force give "Wise mega owl" buff with a medical bill.
Predatory - Can and will eat you, good news is they are fairly easy to take down from range

Current work in progres:
- Oni themed furnitures
- Spacer version of Revenant Talon

Has some interaction with Kolra's Oni race mod, not being xenophobic with each other, and his Oni can use some of our stuff.

Requires Alien Framework V2.0 by Erdelf https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=839005762
Original art and concept by Vaniat.
Conversion to a race mod, xml, coding, and sprite modifications - MoriShep
Xml, coding, tidying and debugging - Tarojun
New spritework - Lucky
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Tarojun  [作者] 1月22日下午2:31 
That looks like the same issue reported on the HAR discord and an update has been pushed.
I just tried decapitating an Oni and I don't seem to trigger that error now.
Saga 1月22日上午11:30 
I'm getting an repeating error when the game tries to draw an oni corpse that is missing a head.

Exception drawing Corpse_AOni48377: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
at Verse.GenCollection.Any<AlienRace.AlienPartGenerator/BodyAddonHediffGraphic> (System.Collections.Generic.List`1<AlienRace.AlienPartGenerator/BodyAddonHediffGraphic>,System.Predicate`1<AlienRace.AlienPartGenerator/BodyAddonHediffGraphic>) <0x00050>
at AlienRace.AlienPartGenerator/BodyAddon.CanDrawAddon (Verse.Pawn) <0x0039f>
Tarojun  [作者] 1月13日上午6:18 
Yes, can expect the "large body Oni" used by the Ancestral Oni, which the game will class as a separate race. Currently configuring some other balance changes around the mod at the same time, and I was tied up with the EPOE-Forked project recently.
Nobudi 1月13日上午12:26 
Hello, just dropping by to let you know how much I'm enjoying this mod, and just wanted to ask if we're to expect the large body oni in a future update or not. Happy new year to you all :cozyspaceengineersc:
Mori Shep  [作者] 2019年12月22日下午4:46 
Its just Tarojun atm iv been stuck in the work life grind for months
DestyNova 2019年12月18日下午1:30 
Many thanks! I'll be looking forward to future content from you guys.
Tarojun  [作者] 2019年12月16日下午7:26 
CE patch updated for stuff affected in here, now waiting for Mori to upload the one for main mod. The Lite and dedicated CE patch for weapons has already been updated.
Tarojun  [作者] 2019年12月15日下午7:25 
And Mori Shep is very busy as of late, so even a small update that I wanted to patch through, will take a long time. Which I may add it together with the larger fixes that I'm working on.
Tarojun  [作者] 2019年12月15日下午7:22 
Mostly waiting on the artwork for essentially a ground oven, a "fireless" version of a campfire. No more being visually unease of a Oni walking past a open fire that is the campfire place.
Also, will be compiling a fix for CE, on the Oni themselves.

The furniture will only be a few items, and I need to copy paste a few bit of C# stuff which I'm constantly being reluctant to touch.

And seems from popular demand, I have been thinking on creating the Ancestral Oni branch race whose appearance shall be closer to the larger fully grown Oni from the animal mod. The main hurdle going to face is draw sizes and body being generally different than others, will be seeing how to reduce as much art render clashes as possible, both visually and code-wise... Show hairs with hats mod is prime conflict with draw sizes of larger pawns...
DestyNova 2019年12月15日下午12:41 
I love this mod. Are you planning on expanding it further? In the reseach tree there is Oni furniture but it says it is placeholder.