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MVG Unlimited Vassal

MisadventuresVG is proud to present... The Unlimited Vassal Mod

This mod has been developed to allow more proactive gameplay from your and other empire vassals without becoming a problem to you diplomatically.

Currently in the vanilla game, when you or other empires vassalization an empire, they sit stuck within their borders silent and unmoving until you either integrate them or go to war with another empire. Now with this mod, your vassals will continue to expand, colonise and form relationships (limited) with other empires while still serving you as a vassal. This makes them stronger and more independent but at the same time helping to strengthen you.

The best part of this mod is that vassals are completed prevented from claiming territory from other empires stopping that annoying issue players have been experiencing when managing vassals. Now your relationships with other empires and your wars will not be soured by over zealous vassals.

Please be aware this is only partly save game compatible. If you intend to use this mod mid-game, you will have to unclaim systems the vassals have claimed manually. They will not be reclaimed afterwards, but the mod does not remove current claims. Sorry :(

This mod has been developed to be small, simple able to sit ideally along side other similar mods without interference or patches being required.

Enjoy and if you have any issue please post me a "constructive" comment and I'll look into it.

Current mod support for 2.2.*

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14 条留言
HighKings_Ruin 1月31日上午7:13 
I think the very thing this mods does is directly what PDX didn't want happening when you consider what the Feudal Society Civic does, maybe?
Ancient Gatekeeper 1月7日下午6:36 
Do you know if this mod is compatible with: ?
Crimson Phantom 2018年12月30日下午1:35 
Thanks for the quick fix!
MisadventuresVG  [作者] 2018年12月30日上午3:18 
I can confirm that a bug did exist which prevented integration with the host empire. I have quickly been able to identify the issue and patch the mod accordingly, I can affirm that the mod does exactly what it did before with the addition of vassals now being able to be integrated.

Thank you for spotting the issue.
baronjutter 2018年12月29日下午11:37 
Hmm I can't seem to integrate any vassals anymore.
NyMpHoBoNsAi 2018年12月29日下午2:14 
maybe add something to make the feudal civic usefull like maybe giving it a mini version of the federation fleet mechanic but more limited like a levy from your vassals and tributes.
Crimson Phantom 2018年12月29日上午4:42 
I think this mod is breaking vassal integration. It says "vassal subjects cannot be integrated". IIRC, feudal empires can't integrate vassals. If this simply ports the feudal code for all regular vassals, that would probably be why.
Spider 2018年12月28日下午2:59 
Okay, cool. :) Thanks.
MisadventuresVG  [作者] 2018年12月28日下午2:47 
Spider, you mean the AI mod, if so I have both installed and they appear to run fine side by side.
MisadventuresVG  [作者] 2018年12月28日下午2:46 
Yes it does sort of make the feudal civic redundant but to be honest, I thought it was kind of limiting to have vassals that couldn't do anything unless you unlocked a "feature". That's is why I made this mod, also the to help ppl get around the AI vassals claiming all the space around them and aggroing your neighbours which is quite a pain... This also extends into warfare with the vassals breaking vassalisation and tribute war goals by claiming territory as part of their war goal.