Transport Fever

Transport Fever

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2-4-0 type 6
Scenario: Europe
Vehicle: Locomotive
标签: Steam, Russian Empire
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2-4-0 type 6

Courier locomotive built by Kolomna plant (factory type 6), designed by the Schwarzkopf. These locomotives were built in the period from 1872 to 1877. They were used at least until 1910. A total of 107 locomotives were built, of them Schwarzkopf - 53, Hartmann - 3, Maffei - 1, Kolomna - 50 (types 6 and 10). With a mass with a tender of 60 tons and a vapor pressure of 9 atm., the engine speeds up to 75 km/h. The model has a number of the Kiev to Brest Railway.

In-game characteristics:

Weight: 60 t
Max speed: 75 km/h (46,6 mph)
Max power: 250 KW (340 hp)
Traction force: 4320 kg (9524 pounds)
Life time: 30 years
Available: 1870 - 1905
Cost: 607K
Optimal train weight: 130 - 150 tons

Author: Malaxit

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15 条留言
Rafn 10月17日下午7:55 
Beautiful model - good work :)
Malaxit  [作者] 3月10日上午11:18 
@mattamartin I think about this. If I start it, it will not soon. If you about L and not about I class.
mattamartin 3月9日下午4:46 
could you make the Russian l class 2-10-0
or any other russian 2 -10-0
Malaxit  [作者] 2月15日下午2:37 
Gamerroemer 2月15日上午7:42 
hey those wagons you are using in that photo where can i find them ?
Malaxit  [作者] 2018年12月31日上午12:30 
@GDracer16 In the 19th century, Russian railways ordered a large number of locomotives in Europe and even in the USA.
GDracer17 2018年12月30日上午11:55 
'schwarzkopf' thats a very German designer name for a Russian loco.. time to do research!
Malaxit  [作者] 2018年12月21日上午8:32 
@ylij174 Ни того, ни другого, ни третьего.
ylij174 2018年12月21日上午8:15 
что по поводу японского ? Нет желания, возможности или просто не интересна тема? Хотя тема перспективная. даже более чем. Глянь на ютубе какое там развитие жд. Круче чем Европа.
Malaxit  [作者] 2018年12月21日上午8:03 
@Infriga, thank you. I don't remember. Maybe standard, maybe from my "Rail set" mod.