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[TLP] Custom Resistance Operations
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[TLP] Custom Resistance Operations

[TLP] Custom Resistance Operations

This mod lets you further customize the randomly generated Resistance Operations that were added in the Tactical Legacy Pack, including letting you use custom soldier classes. The new interface is controller compatible.

The New Settings

Enable Custom Settings
This setting must be on in order for any of this mod's custom settings to take effect.

Number of Missions
The number of missions in the Resistance Operation.

Squad Size
The number of soldiers in the player's squad at the start of the Resistance Operation.

Set Squad Size Upgrades
Each entry in this menu will increase the squad's size by one at the start of the entered mission number.

Set Allowed Progression
Choose what types of soldiers may appear in your squad. A progression is the combination of a class and its abilities and equipment at each mission in the Resistance Operation. For example, the Stealth Ranger, Hacker Specialist, and Medic Specialist are each different progressions. Note that for display, this menu will show the names of the progressions for the first mission. Your squad will be randomized based on which progressions are selected.

Allow Duplicate Classes
If enabled, you may end up with multiple soldiers with the same class (e.g. a Medic Specialist and a Hacker Specialist).

Allow Duplicate Progressions
If enabled, you may end up with multiple soldiers with the same progression (e.g. two Medic Specialists). Allow Duplicate Classes must be enabled for this setting to take effect.

Starting and Ending Force Levels
Force level on the first and last missions, respectively. Higher force level means fighting tougher enemies. Force level will increase linearly from the start of the Resistance Operation to the end based on the entered values.

Starting and Ending Alert Levels
Alert level on the first and last missions, respectively. Higher alert level means fighting more enemies. Alert level will increase linearly from the start of the Resistance Operation to the end based on the entered values.

Set Advanced Options
Lets you set Advanced Options (e.g. Beta Strike) for the Resistance Operation. Can work with Advanced Options added by mods, but it depends specifically on how they are implemented in those mods.

Save and Load Configurations
Save and Load a set of custom settings. Note that these are written to XComResistanceOps.ini in Documents\My Games\XCOM2 War of the Chosen\XComGame\Config so if that file is deleted, then your saved configurations will be deleted.

Custom Classes
Unfortunately, some work is required for a custom class to be usable by this mod. On the bright side, this can all be done through .ini files. Taking it look at the XComTQL.ini, XComLadder.ini, and XComNoBaseGameClasses.ini files in this mod's config files to see what I did to get my class mods working. Following the same process will let you add support for any other class mod (except special cases, like RPGO). By default, this mod supports the base game classes, the LW2 classes, the Shadow Ops classes, and my Pharmacist class.

This mod overrides the UITLE_LadderModeMenu and XComGameState_LadderProgress classes and will be incompatibile with any other mod that does the same.
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13 条留言
Jelu 5月18日上午2:40 
After i try to start operation , with any configuration , game freez and do nothing , just play main menu music ...
Selkies 4月27日下午1:08 
The custom settings aren't appearing for me. I mostly only use QOL mods. I disabled all other mods and left this one and it still didn't work. Please help.
Lux Manifestus 2018年11月11日下午3:02 
Pulse Spear 2018年11月11日上午7:58 
Would support for RPGO be possible at some point?
花兔 2018年11月11日上午7:11 
Support controller
Can you fix
RPG supports the controller?
norwich1190 2018年11月11日上午6:23 
No I was wrong it was for skirmish and not resistance ops
norwich1190 2018年11月10日下午5:16 
@austinn345: I think the skirmish mode + mod does that.
ATF_Coldblooded Carebear || 2018年11月10日下午5:02 
would it be possible to add one feature to the mod, Select Squad from Character pool and to edit soldier apperance from there also ?
POINDEXTER 2018年11月10日下午3:00 
@austinn345: Completely agree. I very much look forward to that mod as well.
austinn345 2018年11月10日下午1:59 
This is one step closer to the mod that I see happening. That mod is for us to use our character pool soldiers in the resistance operations.