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Shock Weapons (Less Lethal)
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Shock Weapons (Less Lethal)

Includes a few firearms that attempt to non-lethally disable their target.

  • Pistol:
    • short range
    • low fire rate
    • ineffective against armored targets
    • 2 hits will incapacitate most non-armored targets (normal quality gun)
  • PDW:
    • short range
    • high volume of fire
    • ineffective against armored targets
    • 5 hits will incapacitate most non-armored targets (normal quality gun)
  • Rifle:
    • long range
    • low fire rate
    • excellent armor penetration
    • 2 penetrating hits will incapacitate most targets (normal quality gun)
    • can penetrate through the target's body and cause significant damage (enough to destroy a finger, for example)

NOTE: Rimworld overrides lethality when attacking non-colony characters; you may wish to install a mod that disables death randomness to get the full value from these weapons.
One such mod can be found here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1464742390


Special thanks to XeoNovaDan - without his combat testing dev tools, balancing would have a long, long tedious process.
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26 条留言
pgames-food 5月18日下午6:30 
thanks olly for your comment i saw it on another mod, and found a nice list (i only had half of that list lol) so thanks :)
Other_Olly 5月18日下午12:58 
People who like this can find more non-lethal and less lethal weapons in this collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1691689352
jackieboy0707 2月17日上午6:24 
Dentist [2 R ANG] 2月4日下午6:19 
does this work in mp
daist'n 2018年12月16日下午9:14 
Just for the record headshot with the rifle is pretty lethal.... seems the brain is needed to live. :)
Vertria 2018年12月6日上午6:15 
Love you long time if turrets added yes please!

... If you add a shock turret, then- <3
Yumemirareru  [作者] 2018年11月29日下午7:46 
Richardo 2018年11月29日下午4:06 
I need healing
Yumemirareru  [作者] 2018年11月12日下午10:33 
Hi Lurmey

So first: It's the same for just about anything that can be hit. If I were to make it a coded mod I could do things like check for certain target types, and maybe have it be less effective vs thrumbos and some other things. But it's really a lot easier to keep it as an XML mod. Downside to XML is I can't differentiate targets and the resulting effect, so there are some cases where it's a bit cheesy (if only XML let me mark the hediff for humanlikes only).

As far as researching, that's just an area I hadn't fleshed out yet. Rifle and pistol used the bolt action rifle and revolver as templates so those are unlocked early (lore-wise the pistol is manually loaded each shot, that's why it's slower than any vanilla pistol), PDW is a tiny bit later. I'll probably tune research requirements when I do another pass on this mod. But the intent is not for these weapons to be hard to get.

Anyways glad you're liking it. Good luck out there on the rim.
Captain Lurmey 2018年11月12日下午9:59 
Oh, another thing regarding the thrumbo. Does the amount of hits required to incapacitate vary depending on the body size of the target? If it doesn't, that might be a way to prevent this from being over-powered against larger animals like thrumbos, elephants and modded creatures.