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DakTek Combat System
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DakTek Combat System

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The DakTek Combat System is a vehicular focused combat system addon based on the battletech universe. I've worked for 6 months straight as a one man dev to bring to you over 100 weapon choices, 6 different modes of mobility, and a magnitude of utilities and modules to allow you to tweak your vehicle to your desires. Do note that this is a building addon, and as such things will not be premade for you, this will just give you a box of the pieces required to build what you want.

I strive to keep DakTek easy to use, as bug free as possible, and well balanced and will continue to support this mod with occasional updates. I've created a youtube channel where I give tutorials, information, and entertainment videos for the addon.

Take a look at the videos and pictures above to see for yourself just a small portion of what is available. If you have any questions please check the tutorials on my channel below or ask directly if you can't find the information.

As I said previously, I am a single person creating all of the content found in DakTek, I would greatly appreciate any donations you would like to give if you enjoy the mod.

Please join the official group for DakTek and direct your discussions there if you wish for a forum or post in the DakTek General Thread on Facepunch

DakTek Steam Group
Facepunch General Thread[]

Thank you for enjoying my mod, please have fun and give a like so that others may find this mod sooner.

New Info:
I've created a starter mech for public use. The dupe requires Advanced Duplicator 2 to be spawned.

Place it into:

This will allow you to spawn a prebuilt Urbanmech. Have fun.

Legal Disclaimer: please do not copy, modify, reupload, or sell this mod.
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Kerian Halcyon 18 июл в 16:50 
Nice, thanks man.
Dakota  [автор] 18 июл в 8:14 
Currently there is support for 2 and 4 leg designs and somewhat hidden support for 3 legged designs. The trick is to pick a quad mech gyro then wire up the third leg to two of the leg inputs, though you have to do it right so that both of those leg inputs are synced with eachother so it would need to be the front left with back right or the front right with back left wired to the middle foot.
Kerian Halcyon 18 июл в 4:31 
I'm gonna be giving this system a go soon, got some great ideas for mechs and I'm looking forward to it.

Quick question though before I do, is there stuff implemented to allow for more than just two legs on a mech, and if there isn't how difficult would it be to implement it in the future (obvs when you have time)? I like making lots of different things, and one of the builds I'm looking to create is probably going to be a War of the Worlds style tripod, so if I can build that with this system that would be amazing!
Dakota  [автор] 23 июн в 13:12 
You need to have Sprops, DakTek, and Wiremod installed, all of which can be found on the workshop.
buchfee8 23 июн в 9:24 
why i see erors wen i spawna mech i see the td probs but dont see the another probs
The Offensive Lemon 8 июн в 11:14 
@Wamuu the FBI agent
Weebs need those hecking anime robots, even when you have this.
Wamuu the FBI agent 28 мая в 16:29 
Who needs those hecking anime robots when you have this?
The Offensive Lemon 25 мая в 18:11 
Most of the prebuilt mechs require SProps.
Asphare 20 апр в 15:17 
I got only errors... what kind of materials u use to build ur mechs?
Dakota  [автор] 18 апр в 19:57 
There is already a buildmode console command though I'd have to find it again. Also neing in godmode makes your props immune too.