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Hyperspace Dogfights
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Platforms: PC, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
10 апр. 2017 в 5:04
14 мая. 2018 в 3:00

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Hyperspace Dogfights' 1.0 Release Is Coming Up!
Alpha 0.80XX (Gamma): We've been busy
Дата выхода: Early 2018?
Fly the best jet in the galaxy and demilitarize planets by blowing up their entire combined armed forces,- in front of a never-ending nova sunset.

Juicy Combat
Out-boost your enemies, use gravity to your advantage and hyperspace-dodge through projectiles and structures when things get too hairy.

Make your jet stronger and stranger by gathering some of the 100+ available passive and active items. Use tons of different weapons against your opponent, including aerial melee options.

Engage various air and ground enemies in fierce 2d combat. Confront distinct bosses for each zone or even try surviving beyond that in endless play.


What do I do in Hyperspace Dogfights?

You fly around in a 2d environment and blow things up. In between enemy waves you get tons of items that modify your jet in various ways. It's an item-based, air-brawler rogue-like where each run is a little different. There is a free demo available if you want to try it yourself.

I've already seen mechanic X in game X. Why isn't your game more innovative?
It's true that HDogs design is very iterative in some regards. I'm not trying to win an innovation price here, I'm content with making a fun and lively game and I do this by mashing together systems from some of my favorites roguelikes. I believe that the end result plays and feels like it's own thing. If you want to see for yourselves, try the demo.

Where can I get the demo?
Scroll down to the download section on our itch alpha page.[sleeper-games.itch.io]

What platform does Hyperspace Dogfights run on?
Window PC and Linux.

When will Hyperspace Dogfights get a full release?
Not determined yet. We aim for the end of 2017.

Will Hyperspace Dogfights get an Early Access release?
Currently that's not planned. Most likely the game will come to steam only once it is done. Limited amounts of payed alpha keys are available on itch though.

What will Hyperspace Dogfights cost?
Not determined yet. Probably around 10$US.

Can I get the game without all that screenshake? That stuff gives me a headache...
Yep, all the juice stuff can be configure/turned off in the options.

“The combat looks manic and challenging and I'm really loving what I see here.”
-Liam Dawe, gamingonlinux[www.gamingonlinux.com]
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Sleeper_Games  [автор] 2 мая. 2018 в 4:50 
1.0 Release is happening on the 14.05. You can read up on our latest content additons here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/updates/892686140/1525261667
Sleeper_Games  [автор] 12 дек. 2017 в 3:20 
<3 In case you wonder what we spent the last months on: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/updates/892686140/1513034801
R4V3-0N 11 дек. 2017 в 21:19 
Sleeper Service  [автор] 11 дек. 2017 в 14:58 
Alpha is available on itch https://sleeper-games.itch.io/hyperspace-dogfights ;) Steam release coming at some point in 2018.
LucasWars2013 10 дек. 2017 в 19:45 
The dude 5 июн. 2017 в 7:56 
It like a rouge-like luftrausers 80's them up and i bloody love it!
recompile 5 июн. 2017 в 5:59 
Veru good, voted up.
lampogolovii 4 июн. 2017 в 3:18 
really great visual style! upvoted!
Barnaque 2 июн. 2017 в 12:35 
Love that color palette + those clouds!
Elvinwood 2 июн. 2017 в 11:14 
Wow! Very cool game! Upvote!