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[Discontinued] Element Transfer System
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24 фев. 2017 в 6:35
5 апр. 2017 в 8:11
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[Discontinued] Element Transfer System

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Exchange Element to ETS Tickets. Use the Ark Cross Travel System. And change the ETS Tickets back to Element. Primarily for Ark Server Admins an Cluster Server. Terminals also usable as Tribut Terminals. If you like this Mod, please Thumbs up ;-)

For Spawn and Engram Overwrites please read the Admin Commands

Mod ID: 871075928

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12 июн. 2017 в 10:54
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12 апр. 2017 в 4:16
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JyCS 28 июн. 2018 в 15:51 
Someone tell me what is an "Element" ?
123 21 окт. 2017 в 20:48 
it still works i use it
Vas 18 сен. 2017 в 8:58 
Just my opinion @Thorwal, but it might be nice if you add a reason for discontinuing the mod up top in your description. Below the mod ID.

I think it'll help stop some of the comments of people who keep asking why. :P I'm curious myself, but I'm not expecting an answer, I'll just go ahead and unsub.
๖ۜNšĢ Tehmedic 6 сен. 2017 в 13:18 
Does anyone know of a good alternative to this mod, or a mod that allows you to transfer element and trophies? Or to do any boss on any map?
Locke 6 июл. 2017 в 19:18 
I too am curious about why this is discontinued. It is a really nice mod
Vakarian 4 июл. 2017 в 7:16 
Why discontinued?
WillKill 25 июн. 2017 в 12:26 
Anyway to speed up the process?
TeKKie 6 июн. 2017 в 13:31 
Also requesting the addition of the talons and such :)
MJA Inc. 4 июн. 2017 в 5:35 
I didn't found a suggestions threat here. So I'll write my suggentions here.

Since V258 it isn't possible to transfer items to summons the bosses (e.G. Argy claws, Bronto bones, Wyvern talons etc.) Also it can't be transfered the boss trphys (Manticore trophy, Deathworn trophy, Broodmother trophy etc.)
Is it possible to make into your Ticket system?
That you can tranfer it inside a cluster?
Would be nice.

Greez MJ