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Ploppable RICO
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Ploppable RICO

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Updated for Industries DLC by Bloody Penguin.

This mod will allow you to plop buildings that function as:
  • Residential
  • Industrial
  • Commerical
  • Office

The Ploppable RICO mod will convert any compatible ploppable asset to a RICO building.
For example, parks can be converted to farms, and unique buildings to offices. RICO buildings will function identically to their growable counterparts. Mixed use buildings and unlimited footprint sizes are also possible with Sub-Buildings Enabler and Sub-Buildings Tabs.

Assets can be made to be compatible with the mod, but the mod won't be required.
Asset authors will just need to include a .xml file that contains the RICO settings. The assets will revert back to their original ploppable function if the mod is disabled, and non RICO mod subscribers can still use the asset for its original purpose.

For asset makers who want to make their assets RICO compatible, you can follow the
Asset Creation Guide. Check out the Advanced Guide if you want to experiment with mixed use assets.

The Settings Panel Guide can be found here.

To convert growable assets to RICO assets, follow the Growables with Ploppable RICO Guide.

To get started, you can sub to the RICO Workshop Settings mod. It adds RICO settings to 74 popular assets that don't have existing RICO settings. It also adds RICO settings to a few generic vanilla unique building assets.

The RICO mod is fully compatilble with the PropaneDragon's Rush Hour mod and WG's Realistic Population mod.

A huge thanks to Boformer, Tailgunner, and BloodyPenguin for all of the design input and code they've contributed. Also a huge thanks to cope for his detours library. And a final thanks to SamSamTS for his UI objects used in the settings panel.

This mod does not save data to the scene file. It can be safely activated and deactivated on your cities with no risk.
Source Code[]

You can see the mod in action in Keralis's and Strictoaster's popular YouTube series.
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3 ч. назад
Report Issues Here
25 мая в 12:47
problem in association with wg realistic pop mod
20 ч. назад
Need help with the ploppable rico mod
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Capt. Spliff 22 ч. назад 
My experience matches Gallen_Dugall's. I use ~20 mods, and as soon as I activate Ploppable RICO, game broken.

Hopefully the modder can address it.
LemonsterOG 17 ноя в 4:49 
@Gallen_Dugall This mod is working perfectly. I'm using it right now and I've been using it for 6 months, in addition to 114 other mods. You must have a conflict with another mod. Have you tested the game using only this mod?
Gallen_Dugall 17 ноя в 4:43 
continued from part 2 - If you want a big bunch of ploppable buildings best to have a massive spread sheet with their designations so you can figure out which is which. Workable? Yes. Total PITA? Yes. Having uninstalled reinstalled in an effort to get this to work, and clear having all my building types changed to light residential, I have verified this is consistent with a fresh vanilla install of the game with no other mods installed. If you can get this mod to work properly, as shown in many youtube videos, it is pretty much The Required Mod. However in its current state instead of this mod I recommend new players just use "plop the growables" and "find it!" with a horrifically massive spreadsheet of building codes in hand. Still a PITA but without losing building type or having to constantly reload the game to make adjustments. So less of a PITA. Plus that will give you an image of what you're trying to plop.
Gallen_Dugall 17 ноя в 4:42 
continued - Back out of game, reload game, reload map, open mod and you've got a plopable version of that building... as light residential. Mod turns everything to light residential as default because of glitch 1. Fortunately the mod allows you to manually fix this. Reopen mod, find building in the big unsorted list, change building type back to what it was, and plop it. No change, still light residential because of glitch 2. Back out of game, reload game, reload map, reopen mod and viola! you have a plopable version of that building with the right type. Fortunately you can do a bunch of buildings at once. Unfortunately the buildings set to be plopped have no image in the mod, just a generic "asset box" icon. Glitch 1 again? Bizarrely that tiny image from the massive search and select list does not pull over. The only way to figure out which building is which is with whatever code designation the person who designed the building gave it.
Gallen_Dugall 17 ноя в 4:42 
NEW PLAYERS BEWARE! Glitched issues with the mod getting data in/out of the game means this mod will only kinda work for new players, but no longer works as written or as depicted in video tutorials since the mod no longer properly interfaces with the game. At least in a new install. If you're a new player and really must use this mod here's how you can get it to work. Once loaded and selected in mods, open map, open mod, select building type, scroll through an unsorted complete list of all buildings. Unsorted list because the mod can no longer pull information about building type from the game. This is glitch 1. Scroll scroll scroll to find the right building. Click the building to add it to the mod, save, and check the list. It doesn't populate. The mod only populates fields when you load up the game. Oh, the mod has saved the change you made but you're not gonna see that until you shut the game down and reload it. I call this glitch 2.
LemonsterOG 14 ноя в 5:48 
I've started a new general discussion regarding this topic to expand your level of help to the whole community. Please post all future comments there. Here's the link to that discussion --> Click Here
Ayatori24 14 ноя в 5:35 
thanks for your help sadly i have still this error :(
LemonsterOG 14 ноя в 5:26 
Any further discussion not specifically related to Ploppable RICO should be started as it's own topic in General Discussions .
LemonsterOG 14 ноя в 5:25 
@Meesmoth Thanks for filling in my blanks. :-)
Meesmoth 14 ноя в 5:23 
Hide Traffic Lights isn't needed because it's part of base game now since Mass Transit patch. No Pipes works fine for me as well as No Powerlines.