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Animated Forcefield
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Universe: Original IP
Models: Weapon
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28 авг. 2015 в 18:46
30 авг. 2015 в 11:30
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Animated Forcefield

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A glowing bubble forcefield model with 5 skin colors.
Update: Improved texture and added scale control.

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Комментариев: 16
Xabin Otter 21 янв в 19:47 
This could be cool with animated textures that turn it into the elemental shields from Sonic 3.
Wildcat SFM 20 авг. 2018 в 14:00 
can you do a model for the Phantom ruby's time warp thing
Budd 7 мар. 2018 в 19:43 
Could I use this for a saxxy entry in the future?
KingWarlordSCP 30 мар. 2017 в 12:37 
really good it make like soul like thing
Phobias 2 мар. 2017 в 16:14 
SFMSYN if you still can't make the model appear try: Spawning the forcefield into your shot, In animation set editor expand the model's file, expand unknown, click on scale and the rest should explain itself.
SFMSYN 7 янв. 2017 в 19:06 
Im sorry but I just downloaded the model na dit's not showing up in the shot. The root is there, but the model itself is invisible. Can I please get some help?
SFMSYN 7 янв. 2017 в 19:03 
Im sorry, but i need help. I just donwloaded the model but its not hsowing up at all in my shot. What do I do?
currently dead 29 авг. 2016 в 11:49 
I think it already is, somewhere.
ShadyPun 21 окт. 2015 в 15:32 
This needs to be on gmod!
Proximity 3 сен. 2015 в 5:14 
HL2's remodelled ?