ARK: Survival Evolved
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21 авг. 2015 в 20:37
20 янв. 2017 в 15:48
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TLDR: Due to core issues with Valhalla we will be releasing a new map.

Read more about the change here ---> Map Trasition
To discuss this please visit our discord -

MOD ID: 504122600

Hosting a server? Here is a walkthrough on setting up our maps with CraftAndSurvive![]
Features: 4.5ghz / SSD.NVMe / 8GB RAM+

Streaming on twitch on and off while we work on the map. Feel free to stop by and let us know what you think. Twitch[]

Rebuilt from the original Valhalla map.
Landmass is about 2x-3x of standard ark map.
Water is about 4x-6x of standard map. (We plan to do a lot in the water)
We are paying a lot of attention to the level streaming to make it so a wide range of computers can run the map.
Some issues are to be expected during creation as we don't have any previous map/modding/UE4 experience.
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6 апр в 19:44
Excited Kangaroo
8 июл. 2017 в 16:52
ЗАКРЕПЛЕНО: Silica Pearls/Oil/Obelisk/Crystal/Caves/Dino Spawn - Everything DETAILED
9 фев. 2017 в 14:19
ЗАКРЕПЛЕНО: Server/general support.
Excited Kangaroo
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Mondschein 23 апр в 3:12 
the map will not be developed anymore. There is the Ragnarok map.
Melynia 5 апр в 19:50 
Please Update this map soon. It's not showing up in my map selection screen. Accessed it fine this morning, updated my server this evening and now cannot play it :(
Eatyaphushy 4 апр в 21:48 
doesn't support some mods seems outdated my cluster Valhalla server just got erased please update so it works with all new dinos and updates
AdaWong1887 2 апр в 0:24 
the map is bugged,if u fly over the winter biom and u go in the inventory i will get a crash!
dynastycorey 24 мар в 10:52 
i dont see valhalla in my map selectiom screen
[666] IncredibleP9nda 20 мар в 8:33 
Is the map bugged?
Croozi 11 мар в 15:49 
My non-dedicated valhalla map crashed - I lost HOURS of building. I can only remove old mod and launch a new vanilla map.
THEGIRAFFEKING 6 мар в 16:15 
Is there any way to get giant bee honey in Valhalla?
Roberto Turati 28 фев в 23:08 

Mine always worked well, too
UnrealSentinum 28 фев в 9:48 
M y valhalla generated perfectly no walking through ground or anything, i can give you guys my save file if you want that way you can play on a Valhalla map that actually works fine