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Next Day: Survival
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Next Day: Survival — Steam release!
Дата выхода: 2017
Next Day - a story that will narrate you about all difficulties of surviving in the world, where the compassion is an empty word, where the meaning of life is a constant wandering, searching for supply and fighting against animal world. And saying "animal world" we not only mean wild beasts, because animals are the least problem that you will face. Human is the root of all evil, nowadays even a fierce bear is a less threat than a hungry survivor. Why we call them“survivors”? Almost 10 years have passed since the most terrible disaster in history. The major part of the mankind died due to an unknown infection,and now nobody knows, what actually happened and became the reason of the global epidemic. Few people, basically inhabitants of far villages and settlements, managed to survive. Time has passed and those, who survived, created several fractions.
The most dangerous became those, who think, that the only way to extend their lives is fighting - "The Marauders", their settlements are like boxes, full of snakes: ex-prisoners, maniacsand murderers.
Less dangerous are "The Savages", unlike the marauders they don't conquer any settlements to feast loot, they live in forests alone or by families.
And there is one more fraction - "The Civilians". They are civilized people who tried to save any ethical principles and humanity.
Only 3 of 10 communities still exist and due to the marauders the number of human lives is decreasing every day. They kill everyone, loot everything useful, they show no mercy. By virtue of a surprise, a change of dislocation and well-planned operations, the marauders slay civilians with minimal losses.
The only thing you know is that they are helpless, incapable to organize themselves and ready to kill each other for beans without their leader - Kosoy.
You are a member of onecivil community, former military officer. Your main objective is to find the leader of the marauders and kill him to finish this pointless bloodshed.
Next Day is a story-multiplayer project, where survival is your main object. You make your own choices, the story and quests don't oblige you to anything, you can do what you want, you may accomplish the tasks and approach slowly to your main object or kill everyone and become a marauder.

For now this is already realized:
1) Vehicles:
Thereare cars in the game: several types of passenger cars and trucks.
2) Crafting system:
We developed a simple and easy crafting system that allows you to make all you need for surviving.
3) Toxic fog:
This phenomenon is not rare; it appeared as a mutation of the infection that killed the mankind. It's dynamic and moves around the game world. If the player gets into it, he begins to cough out his lungs, and during the cough the player can't perform any actions (shooting, reloading, running etc.) There are 2 types of the cough: slight, with a little quantity of toxic components, and intensive, with duration 2 times longer than the slight one, when you poisoned with toxic components over 50%. During the cough the player loses his health and gains the toxic level (Check the video for more info).
4) Cooking:
There are some types of food you can cook on fire:
*Brewing instant noodles.
*Frying meat.
*Potato brewing and baking.
*Tea brewing.
(Check the video for more info).
5) NPCs:
Now there are NPCs of 3 different types: The Marauder, The Savage and The Civilian.
Each one has their own AI.
The Civilianlive in their settlements, you can visit them, sit down at the campfire and listen to anecdotes, stories, trade something or ask for the job. Mind that you shouldn’t fight them or they will kill you, or vice versa, it depends.
The Marauders are moving from one village to another, conquering peacefulcivilians. Meeting them doesn't mean you have to fight, you can try to reach an arrangement, giving them your loot and keep going, and maybe they won't hurt you.
6) Game quests:
There are several types of quests, starting from easy ones like "bring me that-take this" and ending with difficult story quests, where you'll be transferring supplies from one village to another, or lead the squad of civilians to killmarauders.
You can now create a server and team up with your friends. One server can hold 40 players and we are planning to increase this number to 80 or maybe 120.
Game world:
We've developed the major part of the game world and for now it is 4 square kilometers, but we are planning to create a big well-planned and detailed map.
There are 2 types of rain: drizzling and pouring. In future we are going to add a dynamic system of seasons changing.
Dynamic change of day and night:
The dynamic change of day/night is already in game and it’s equal 2 real hours.
Support of various operating systems:
For now we almost finished early access version of the game for OS Windows, and in near future we'll do some tests and will try to release the game on such platforms as Linux and MacOS.
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Кыся 5 авг. 2017 в 11:23 
Привет от Happy Wolf
Bozzaht 30 июл. 2017 в 2:17 
Hello you can start the game again from the start account delete or something
Underestimation 25 июл. 2017 в 12:24 
Игра классная, выдаёт много эиоций, играли с другом 6 часов, особенно понравился бункерАе55.
Soska-Pisoska 21 июл. 2017 в 9:38 
Спасибо!Кульная игра,оторваться уже 2-ой день не могу,поклон вам низкий :steamhappy:
Soska-Pisoska 21 июл. 2017 в 9:06 
Что с серверами,зайти уже как 2ой час не могу?
Sersh 12 июл. 2017 в 11:25 
sdrasti gde moschna kupit igru
Trofimchik 12 июл. 2017 в 8:45 
Привет всем, можно ли щас приобрести у кого нибудь ключ от игры? очень охота поиграть
Captain Proton  [создатель] 12 июл. 2017 в 7:06 
@...Царь... ♕, уже совсем скоро игра станет доступна в магазине Steam. Дату запуска сообщим чуть позже.
glavnaya ruina 2 июл. 2017 в 12:45 
ИЛИ разрабы бросили игру ?
glavnaya ruina 2 июл. 2017 в 8:00 
Игра выйдет если да то когдаа!??