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A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones
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26 июн. 2014 в 6:43
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A Song of Ice and Fire: Game of Thrones

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A Song of Ice and Fire is a total overhaul mod for Europa Universalis 4 that aims to mesh the world of Game of Thrones with the gameplay of Europa Universalis.


  • CK2:AGOT Development Team
  • Knuckey
  • zitres
  • Riveregg
  • Theo



Does the mod support X version?
The mod currently supports version 1.28.3

Does this mod require DLC?
No. But the mod will use game features that are DLC-exclusive, so if you lack a DLC you may be missing content from the mod. See the pinned topic in the discussions tab for which features are used from each DLC.

Why hasn't the mod been updated?
The mod may lag behind game updates if I lack the time to update properly. Simply get your betas password from Paradox Plaza [] and then go to Properties -> Betas in steam. From there, enter the password and select the currently supported version of EU4 from the dropdown list.

Why is the localization broken?
The mod currently only supports English localization. Switch your game language to English when playing the mod.

Why hasn't X been added?
Features added to the mod are at the discretion of the developer. If you want to increase the chances of your suggestion being added, add a clear and concise post in the suggestion thread or in our discord.

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6 июн в 8:58
14 мая в 20:29
i cannot enter mod
3 июн в 1:15
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Wielkomiejski Lechita 5 июн в 7:42 
Can I kill Renly as Stannis and get Storm's End?
Ferreke 4 июн в 5:08 
only westeros pls
Theo  [автор] 31 мая в 15:29 
You'll have to try redownloading the mod until it works. Steam workshop is notorious for messing up the download for eu4 mods, especially large ones like this.
ReDewiL Vinea01 31 мая в 13:11 
I wanted to started game( mod) but when I open EUIV nothing happend :"(
Theo  [автор] 29 мая в 22:37 
You have to play with your game set to english
El-Erizo juanchotacorta 29 мая в 21:08 
fix my error to install it, apparently the file you download is damaged, I just had to delete the mod and download it again.
but now I have another problem, the countries do not come out with a name, for example the house stark has the name A2, how do I fix that?
Theo  [автор] 29 мая в 12:42 
There are no plans to change country colours. If you'd like to change them yourself, you can edit the mod files. The files to edit are found in "Documents/Paradox Interactive/Europa Universalis IV/mod/" . Then in each country file you can change the colour to whatever you want.
Börk 29 мая в 12:29 
Is there any chance that you will change the Riverlands color to blue, in my opinion i dont think that the light green really suits them
Theo  [автор] 29 мая в 11:08 
This mod is updated for 1.28.3, so I don't know why the launcher would say otherwise. Perhaps you are looking at the music or art submods?
juanvayu 29 мая в 10:18 
If the game crushes when you use it, you need to go to a previous version of the game