Garry's Mod
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14 окт. 2013 в 11:06
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В 1 коллекции, созданной V-Rico.315.黑.ulow #Русский TTT
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A very nice underground map for TTT

- There are a couple of dangerous things to be aware about, especially the moving train
- Traitor's traps
- Lots of rooms
- Much fun


I only uploaded it into Workshop, so it will be easier to download for everyone.
Original map creator: Deepus.


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9 апр в 18:43
Crashes my entire game
< >
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teammccann6 1 июл в 13:26 
The inside of the train reminds me of Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion
XxHansxX 17 мар в 6:26 
𝓟н𝐀η𝓽๏MŁⒾᶰɠ 7 апр. 2018 в 10:18 
Will this work in sandbox?
Sparkie951 30 сен. 2017 в 3:14 
It would run for me, but on my server is was showing tons of errors and being on the local lan at 5 ping, it was glitching so bad I could not hardly move!
Sigma 27 янв. 2017 в 9:16 
Not work for me, i hate my life , i hate it , i hate i hate.
Cyni 28 фев. 2015 в 7:37 
Cyni 28 фев. 2015 в 6:10 
I found a glitch.

Go to the bathrooms,turn around.Go into the wrecked room,crouch walk all the way to the left,you should fall and be inside the wreckage.
Nvthvn 5 фев. 2015 в 17:28 
just saying
and igf you wanna play add me on steam and we will recrord and talk skype
Nvthvn 5 фев. 2015 в 17:28 
he ight have the gmod addon problem it fucks up maps and downloading addons
Mateo Salvador 3 ноя. 2014 в 14:58 
How do I start this maps Its not letting me start the map up and this isn't just for your map i cant start and map I download so how do I start maps?