War for the Overworld
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Cha0s Caverns
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Game Modes: Deathmatch
Number of Players: 4 Player
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31 июл. 2019 в 11:58
4 авг. 2019 в 1:26
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Cha0s Caverns

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These caverns have long been a prison for three Underlords. The only escape, a Moongate, is held by The Warden, a mighty Underlord. Centuries of battle has caused the central chokepoint to become a physical bath of blood.
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Комментариев: 2
Cha0s  [создатель] 4 ноя. 2019 в 12:06 
That was a update issue, should be resolved now.
Observer 29 сен. 2019 в 22:37 
A good map, but I'm getting "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" errors when trying to save/reload.