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The Chasm - Additional Creatures
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The Chasm - Additional Creatures

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The Chasm - Official Server Mods
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The Chasm - Additional Creatures

This mod is solely created to be used on ARK: The Chasm or ARK: Valguero if using the Dino and Map Extension made by Nekatus and me. The Aberrant Deinonychus will spawn naturally on The Chasm and Valguero. The Golems naturally only spawn on The Chasm.

Steam ID: 1787443195

This mod currently contains the following unique creatures:

-Aberrant Deinonychus
-Fertile Golem
-Bioluminescent Golem
-Molten Element Golem
-Surface Golem

This mod will contain the following unique creatures in the future:

-Aberrant Deathworm
-Aberrant Jerboa
-Aberrant Morellatops
-Aberrant Mantis
-Aberrant Vulture
-Aberrant Thorny Dragon
-Aberrant Procoptodon
-Aberrant Unicorn
-Aberrant Thylacoleo

This mod does not add spawners for the creatures on any other map. It solely contains the actual creatures that are then used on the map (The Chasm) / map extension (Valguero). This way all creatures are transferable on a cluster.

Spawn Codes if you want to manually add them to other maps:
Entity ID:






Official The Chasm Discord[]

Official Wiki[]

Special thanks to Biggums,LeutianKane and Pikkon38 for helping me with my first seperate dino mod!

Make sure to hit the thumbs up if you like the map and share it with friends!

This mod is proudly sponsored by, If you're looking for a server provider who offers an easy to use interface, automatic mod updates, multiple server locations and an unmatched support service - Look no further!
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Abberant Deinos and Pounce
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Atlas 16 сен в 12:28 
Are you able to get mutations on the aberrant deinonychus?
gabeluna27 7 сен в 23:42 
One question: When you start adding the other aberrant dinos in this mod, will any of them be planned to spawn in Aberration itself?
Teeny2488 4 сен в 21:06 
all eggs no matter what the level of the parents hatch at level 1! its BS seriously, Deinonychus or Rock Drake eggs.. -.- waist of time
Mark 3 сен в 19:56 
We've had this mod on our Valguero server for a while and to this date Aberrant Deino nests are next to impossible to find. We have seen a few here and there but with over 200 Aberrant Deinos up we shouldn't be seeing them every other week.
vanflyhightanzek 3 сен в 12:24 
i also have a similar question if i add the mod into rag can i just force spawn some in for the players on my server
Father 2 сен в 10:02 
gotten the 3 golem to spawn having issues with the deinonychus
Father 2 сен в 9:21 
quick question forgive me if it's already asked but if i add this mod to any map and add the dino containers they should spawn right? like on rag




Airadel 25 авг в 7:03 
Is there any chance at having the Golems spawn naturally on Valguero too? I absolutely love em! :)
Content_D3leted 23 авг в 16:10 
hey, i was wondering if you could add abberant dilos? theyre my favorite creature and id love to see that
Trappel22  [автор] 19 авг в 5:24 
@Fishkeeper Simply do not downoad the Valguero Extension mod and you will not have any spawns on Valguero. :)
Even if you have it will only spawn the Aberrant Deinonychus there.