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Fort William - Mallaig
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Scenario: Europe
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Fort William - Mallaig

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'The journey between Fort William and Mallaig on The West Highland Railway has been described as one of the most scenic railway journeys in the world and affords the opportunity to experience some impressive sights including Ben Nevis (the highest mountain in Britain) and the Glenfinnan Viaduct (used in the Harry Potter films) as well as affording magnificent views of The Small Isles. The No Initial Roads mod will be required for this mod.'
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Комментариев: 18
Bocaan 30 июл в 12:53 
roger on that resubbing as i comment :) i have suspected it could have been a bad download
Cat  [автор] 29 июл в 7:20 
Sorry you are having an issue with the map.
I tried a new free game with all three maps and not getting any errors. Make sure you have automatic updates turned on or try unsubscribing, make sure your local copy gets deleted and then resubscribing.
Cat  [автор] 29 июл в 7:06 
Thought I'd fixed that, I will check again.
Bocaan 28 июл в 10:27 
i had an issue where i couldn't even load a free game of Transport Fever due to an error concerning a { issue any chance that it might be the same issue Martijn Coenen faced?
Martijn Coenen 27 июл в 6:07 
Hi Cat, thanks for the update! I noticed there was a } to much in the map.lua file for the 'with industry' map. At least, my updated copy refused to load on that file until I removed the exit }. :)
Cat  [автор] 15 июл в 8:29 
Map now includes versions with and without industry.
darren67 26 июн в 14:11 
It might be nice on a train, but it sucks on a Harley! Awesome map. I am sometimes to be found on the banks of Loch Fyne - nice work.
Cat  [автор] 21 июн в 13:50 
I'm loving it, all those lakeside (lochside) rail line to ride.
Malevolti 21 июн в 13:33 
yeah matey I got it working my end and had a little poke around, this will be a fun one to play when I get another chance to sit down
Cat  [автор] 21 июн в 13:32 
Changed "map" to "maps", hopefully this will solve a few problems.