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Breaching Charge
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26 фев. 2018 в 20:48
9 мая в 14:45
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Breaching Charge

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The Breaching Charge allows the infantry to quickly and safely demolish walls and open doors with minimal collateral damage. The Door Wedge enables secure control over entry points. Both are powerful tools in MOUT/FIBUA situations.

Works on doors locked using:
_house setVariable ["bis_disabled_Door_1", 1, true];

Minimum safe area reference[]

Requires ACE explosives

Non-workshop version
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Комментариев: 138
Ampersand  [создатель] 1 авг в 7:06 
Oh, interesting. I'll see if I can investigate over the weekend.
monk1junk1 31 июл в 1:08 
Hi just wondering if you are planning on creating compatibility with contact DLC? I am unable to blow down the door on the roof of the Radar HQ building
Diveyez 27 июн в 15:48 
All the mods! Nothing that should interfere.
Ampersand  [создатель] 27 июн в 4:43 
@Diveyez What mods are you using when they don't go off? Can you provide screenshot? and also of instances where damage is not expected but is received.
Diveyez 26 июн в 17:18 
Can you please add smaller reactive charges, its kinda overkill.
Diveyez 26 июн в 17:12 
Pls update, charges dont always go off anymore, did BIS change something?
IDIUD 14 мая в 11:57 
@Ampersand well the fastest tip i can give is non of the glass doors worked in Georgetown and most of the others didnt either.. it was like hospital or firestation that had at least one door working.. BUT ill try and give u better info when i have more time
Ampersand  [создатель] 14 мая в 10:40 
@IDIUD I will do some testing. If you can get positions of the doors that would help a lot.
IDIUD 14 мая в 9:56 
@Ampersand I found some doors that worked but most of the doors that were normal doors that opened by hand didnt get opened by it.. i was in the Georgetown and i'd say that only 2 out of 10 doors opened with it.. i had nothing but the must have mods when testing.. and yeah im aware of the non interior ones and no i wasnt even trying to use it in them.. could you give it a test run?
Ampersand  [создатель] 13 мая в 12:24 
@IDIUD Tanoa has a lot of "locked" doors that actually mean the building doesn't have an interior. Which particular doors are you having trouble with?