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Rover drone (campaign NPC)
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Type: Blueprint
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17 dec., 2016 @ 7:11
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Rover drone (campaign NPC)

Rover drone

This is the drone that was used in the campaign Mission 4.

This little drone acts as an Pirate NPC and will attempt to chase the player everywhere he goes.
Is able to avoid simple obstackles like walls or other vehicles and will circle the players vehicle while attacking
With this you can make your own practice range and epic rover battles!

Set the coresponding group to pirate faction to activate the AI,
then Push button on the rovers back to get it going.
Curently the turret is set up to burtfire for a bit of imersion, but ofcourse you can change settings
and alter its behaviour to your liking.
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29 comentarii
Hominin 24 iul. @ 23:44 
once i set the group to pirates, the wheels are also owned by them so even though the button is owned by me (and can be used by anyone), it doesn't actually work :/ not sure how it would??
The One Percent 9 apr. @ 16:15 
So do these spawn randomly or are they spawned in and you have to set them to pirates, I'm looking for a mod that adds planet side attack drones.
Vulpes 20 ian. @ 9:37 
Hi, I found the drone is doing the opposite frome what it is supposed to do. When I get in front of it it just evades the player
Udrakan 1 mai, 2018 @ 15:48 
Confirmed working on May 2018. I have been having tons of fun with these, thanks.
lla9812 29 iun., 2017 @ 0:03 
Found anonther way to use it,set it's ownership tuo first colonist.and it will be a loyal bodyguard:steamhappy:
Ray Charles 27 mai, 2017 @ 16:48 
Any way to make these just spawn in active periodically like a few kms from the player or from a pirate station when they're on a planet?
Aragath  [autor] 4 mai, 2017 @ 1:33 
Testers are on it. ;) thanks.
This also means all pirate drones are broken since they use roughly the same script.
SpetS 3 mai, 2017 @ 16:59 
Yes, I did. also, when I check the script it says something about obsolete, error or something.
Aragath  [autor] 3 mai, 2017 @ 16:14 
Did you set up the drone as a pirate and then use the button to turn it on?
SpetS 3 mai, 2017 @ 15:02 
I think is broken :/