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Don't Starve Together

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Foxy Lulu Power Pack
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Play as Lucario, the aura pokemon. (Now Available for Don't Starve.)

Don't Starve Version
(RoG and SW Compatible):
Don't Starve Standalone
(non steam):

Hotfix 1.35c:
-Fixed the Dream Sphere not working properly
-Dream Sphere Strength config option disabled for the time being.

Hotfix 1.35b:
-Added dialogue for new things added in the last year

Known Unfixed issues:
-Dream Sphere does not appear to be working properly. (it knocks out some enemies, but not others may be config related, still investigating)

Hotfix 1.35a:

-Fixed some grammar mistakes
-Cool variations of Lucario will now randomly shed a lucario fur every 1.5 days or so.

Patch 1.35:
-Cleaned up and remade the head art (Front and rear view) to appear less wide.
-Fixed some typos.

-Unique Dialogue
-Custom Art (Duh)
-Cute and Cool Variants
-Clothing Compatible
-Grows a shaveable, scruffy winter coat using the beard system. (Cute Variant)
-Deals increased damage and loses sanity faster as health decreases. (Cool Variant)
-Loses sanity slower at night.
-Loses sanity when near any fire (based on proximity)
-Increased damage from fire.
-Can use aura spheres and Lucario themed melee weapons!
-Can extract aura from live rabbits for crafting or health/sanity.
-Can obtain bone shards from fish.
-Can be shiny! (Enable them in the config options)
-Moderate configuration options
-It's Lucario!

Health: 140
Hunger: 150 (Very slightly faster decay)
Sanity: 200 (Slower decay at night)
Damage: 1.2x

Aura Spheres:

Infinitely reusable "ranged weapons" that cost sanity and hunger (Can be reduced in the mod configuration.) instead of durability. They give off a very small amount of light.

Blue: Standard Aura Sphere: Low damage, low sanity/hunger cost ranged weapon, good for pulling or keeping distance.
Yellow: Swift Sphere: Slightly more damage, higher sanity/hunger cost. Built in walking cane.
Green: Dream Sphere: No damage, high sanity/hunger cost. Can put enemies to sleep. (Uses endgame materials)
Orange: Solar Sphere: Moderate Damage, higher sanity/hunger cost than swift, creates a large amount of light.
Red: Violent Sphere: High damage, high sanity/health cost, endgame sphere.

Other Weapons:

Bone Rush: Powerful melee weapon with high durability (Same power as the battle spear). Made from bone shards and aura bits (Live rabbits).
Metal Claw: Cheap, high durability weapon intended to be an alternative to the spear.
Shadow Claw: Powerful endgame melee weapon, drains sanity while equipped.
Aura Guardian Staff: The same as the standard Aura Sphere, but deals more damage.

Config Options!

Aura sphere cost:
-Standard: My personal opinion on what is balanced
-Low: Cheaper aura spheres for people that prefer to use them as primary weapons
-Free: No hunger/health/sanity cost, recommended only for fun, not balanced.
Weapon Durability:
-Both aura spheres and the custom melee weapons can have their durability toggled on or off. Aura spheres could be free, but have durability, or you could just have infinite weapons for unbalanced fun, whatever the server host decides.
Aura Guardian Hat Durability:
-Sick of them lasting forever? Here you go.
Bonerush Smashes Rocks:
-Exactly as it says, the Bonerush can smash rocks like a pickaxe. (Just for fun)
Hunger/Sanity Management (Seperate settings for both):
-Harder: Sanity or hunger drain much faster, for those who want more challenge
-Standard: The same hunger/sanity drain as the mod has always had (My recommendation)
-Easier: For players that want to worry less about their mind and stomach, but still want some management.
-Casual: Virtually no sanity/hunger drain, for extremely casual players or just for fun.
(Both "Easier" and "Casual" settings kind of ruin the point of the game, so I only recommend using them when messing around.)
Custom Items:
-Enables/Disables crafting of custom items (For players who prefer not to have all the extra fluff)
Character Toggles:
-Enables/Disables specific Character variants of lucario. Disabled Characters cannot be selected, but can still be played if selected prior to disabling.

To do:
-Possibly clean up the art some more.
-Variants (mega evolution)

What's the backstory of this Lucario?
Whatever the heck you want it to be. All the dialogue is kept ambiguous and the gender is kept neutral. The character also leans more toward being light-hearted and friendly over being the cool/quiet type.

Special thanks to Dragon Wolf Leo for their Extended Sample Character Template, as I made this mod using it.

Shout out to the Riolu mod by Drae (And several others). I referenced it quite often to create the fur coat system and for various design choices, and also for being a fun character to use until I finished my mod.
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Crimson Archer 11 iun. @ 2:52 
i cant configure mod settings
That Vaporeon from Silent Hill  [autor] 3 iun. @ 17:49 
I've definitely seen issues like that where servers just don't work quite right, I just wanted to be sure.
baconprison 3 iun. @ 16:55 
i looked into it and it actually might be some other weird thing
it just decided to work randomly with no change whatsoever
That Vaporeon from Silent Hill  [autor] 3 iun. @ 16:34 
No issue last I checked, there might be some other factor involved, any server or crash logs would be helpful to diagnose what happened.
baconprison 3 iun. @ 12:07 
mod is broken and prevents other from joining
Prince_Nocturne 24 mart. @ 11:57 
Sorry for the delay. I have tested the dream sphere, it works now. Does minimal damage (10 or something) and hits like a sleep dart. A few hits required for a larger foe, but it works! Thank you for the updates. I love this character.
Prince_Nocturne 18 mart. @ 20:48 
Awesome! I'll test it later and leave an update here.
That Vaporeon from Silent Hill  [autor] 18 mart. @ 17:28 
There you go, looks like it's working now, seems 0 damage is too much damage. The setting to change the dream sphere's strength has been disabled for now though, it's about on par with a sleep dart now.
That Vaporeon from Silent Hill  [autor] 18 mart. @ 17:02 
Thanks for bringing up the dream sphere bug again though I've been so caught up in IRL stuff I kind of forgot all about the issue, I'll look into getting it sorted asap. (From what I can tell it might be an issue from the sphere having set damage despite the damage being 0, this didn't used to be an issue, but I'll take a look into removing the damage code).
Prince_Nocturne 18 mart. @ 17:01 
I give them to others. Just saying it'd be fun to have them available without someone having to be Lucario.