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Retro Invasion
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4 aug., 2015 @ 23:50
13 aug., 2015 @ 8:15
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Retro Invasion wins 2 Awards at DevGAMM Hamburg
Data lansării: End of 2016

So what am I voting for?

You’re voting for RETRO INVASION, a 2.5D SHOOT ‘N’ BRAWL action game set in a futuristic environment in which old-school video games turn the modern world into voxels.
Take control of Mike the modern gunner and Rik the retro brawler to fight back the voxelized armies of retro. Experience massive co-op action both local and online and be prepared for the holy mother of retro homages! In this ultimate mash up of modern and retro, slick 3d graphics and AAA audio will clash with voxels and the finest chiptunes!

We at THREAKS started working on the concept of Retro Invasion in 2014, a couple of months after we released our award-winning action adventure Beatbuddy. With your support we will bring Retro invasion to you in 2016!

Write a comment, start a discussion and follow us to stay in contact and get noticed about exciting upcoming news!

Thank you for your support!

Why it’s awesome!
  • Clash of modern and retro game design
  • Unique mix of retro and modern aesthetics
  • Two player co-op shoot ‘n’ brawl action (online and local)
  • The MOTHER of retro game homages

In detail!

While there are a lot of awesome side scrolling BEAT EM’ UPs out there, we strongly believe that combining a deep co-op system with a unique mash-up of retro and modern audio and visuals will be something that many of you secretly desire.

The mix of retro and modern will be found in the entire game world but especially in our two playable characters Mike and Rik. While Mike resembles a modern day action hero who uses gadgets and an array of different distance weapons, Rik will rely on his voxelized body to dish out tons of melee damage.

Since our protagonists will inherently be flawed by the game era and mechanics they represent, both Mike and Rik will have to work together and complement each other in order to defeat the army of evil and find out who is behind the invasion.
With every co-operative action taken, you will build up combo energy which can be used to unleash crazy combo attacks on your enemies.

We love retro games and RETRO INVASION will be filled with awesome homages to your favorite childhood memories.
We promise to treat these memories with respect.

Be prepared to get your VOXELS kicked!
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Rick Sanchez
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Rick Sanchez 30 apr., 2017 @ 14:36 
Hi ,when official release? I'm waiting from August 15, 2015
The Moon Robot 30 dec., 2016 @ 14:50 
Any news on this game?
Ximira.. I'm Back ! 17 iul., 2016 @ 20:57 
Very Good !!!:csgoglobe:
ZórY 8 iun., 2016 @ 5:11 
Perfect :D
PaTaTo_67 28 dec., 2015 @ 13:27 
Interesting game ; )
Ragn Stivins 15 oct., 2015 @ 14:28 
Sips and Sjin?
[CM] Rocket 5 sep., 2015 @ 12:39 
I would definatly buy this game!!!!! i know i made a typo, dont ask
🍐Poires 30 aug., 2015 @ 0:44 
♥Eto♥ 29 aug., 2015 @ 20:35 
CJSEVEN 28 aug., 2015 @ 1:21