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Zoli's Horses
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Asset Type: Vehicle
Vehicle Type: 4 Wheels
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26 oct., 2019 @ 12:12
18 nov., 2019 @ 11:20
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Zoli's Horses

Mod Info

Mod was commissioned by the contributor

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Port: 28015


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Black Horse 22200
Brown Horse 22201


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ZoliWorks Studios is open for commissions!

What I offer:

- Vehicles (any type)
- Items (guns, attachments, regular items, etc.)
- Clothes (shirts, vests, hats, you name it)
- Objects and Structures (buildings, barricades etc)

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12 dec., 2019 @ 7:23
Do the legs move?
That E Man
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Sasha Kuloresove 13 mart. @ 23:38 
I just found brown HOARS in easter isle.
Just 2 minutes later after spawn.
ZoliWorks  [autor] 3 febr. @ 10:25 
Feel free to use it
喵G 3 febr. @ 8:13 
can i use it on my server please "greetings from china"
ZoliWorks  [autor] 1 ian. @ 9:45 
You have to spawn it manually
Supreme 1 ian. @ 9:19 
does this spawn on the map or do i have to find a horse and do stuff or just spawn
ZoliWorks  [autor] 21 dec., 2019 @ 5:34 
Feel free to
Ali$an ♪ 20 dec., 2019 @ 23:49 
can i use it on my server please "greetings from Turkey"
alan 9 dec., 2019 @ 9:39 
Congratulations on getting featured!
Javedman 26 nov., 2019 @ 15:05 
ok thanks
ZoliWorks  [autor] 26 nov., 2019 @ 14:55 
They should be working just fine