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Running Man 2035
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Data Type: Scenario
Scenario Gameplay: Multiplayer
Scenario Type: Infantry, Vehicles
Scenario Map: Malden 2035
DLC: Malden
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28 aug. @ 9:14
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Running Man 2035

It is the year 2035, and the most popular TV show on Earth is Running Man 2035.
The premise is simple: Many Hunters, fully armed special forces. One Running Man, unarmed and alone.
If the Hunters can track the Running Man and kill him, it's game over.
But, if the Running Man can survive, arm himself, and eliminate his foes, then he stands to win $10,000,000.

Welcome to Running Man 2035.

Running Man 2035 is a PVP only scenario.
Running Man 2035 takes place on the Military island south-east of Malden.
Hunters will spawn above the Running Man and will have to parachute in whilst he makes an initial getaway.
Weapons, Equipment, and Vehicles are randomly placed all across the island.
The only nonrandom vehicles are those at the Military Base.
Every contestant has a bomb implant which will detonate if they stray from the island.
Good luck!

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Music Credit:
"The Reducer" by Mega Drive
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18 comentarii
LibertySandwich 6 sept. @ 12:39 
Cant wait to try this out, it was always one of my favorite Stephen King books.
Chr3sN4tion ツ 5 sept. @ 16:00 
SCUM Parody?
BigHeehee 4 sept. @ 2:20 
"Here is Sub-Zero! Now, PLAIN zero!"
Paskinder Singh  [autor] 3 sept. @ 16:10 
@SPARKLEKITTEN that is high praise! Thank you! If you would like to see a dedicated server for it, please do ping ArmaHosts and float the idea, they might give us a discount haha! We currently don't have the funds to support such an endeavour, but if this gets big enough maybe I could do it on a donation basis. For now, give us a like and share this with your squad!
SPARKLEKITTEN 3 sept. @ 13:50 
You should make this work like Battle Royale. This mod could be as successful I am sure but it need more of a front end and a server that is up all the time.
kodabar 2 sept. @ 18:07 
Good mission. It plays very well in single player, but I would suggest that you might consider making a separate single player version as I'm sure it would be popular.
spyder 2 sept. @ 7:20 
The Most Dangerous Game 2035
Paskinder Singh  [autor] 2 sept. @ 7:03 
@druidic1 Mega Drive - The Reducer
Druidic1 1 sept. @ 23:41 
What song is that that you used in the trailer?
Juses Crust 31 aug. @ 20:19 
interesting concept, would love to see a pvai version of this in the future!