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Iowa Speedway
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Iowa Speedway

Iowa Speedway

First release on steam workshop. Track is early still, and I don't work on it a lot, but I'll do more when I get time.
Pretty much multiplayer only, I only did basic stuff for the AIW, just to get the pace car working. It works fine online, we've done some test races already. Only the oval is really ready to drive, I'm not sure what layouts I included in this version though. Don't race at night, the lights don't really work yet. I know the big bump is missing in t1-2.
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8 iun. @ 17:24
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19 comentarii
Sam Braxton 8 iun. @ 18:38 
crash load :(
c.freeman 8 iun. @ 17:19 
roval is jolting cars on traking camera
c.freeman 3 mai @ 23:00 
The Roval isn't showing up
c.freeman 3 mai @ 22:38 
can you makePikes Peak International Raceway WhereIsBeef?
WhereIsBeef  [autor] 18 febr. @ 16:38 
No, but someone else said they're making it.
Black Thanos 18 febr. @ 8:40 
Great track could you make gateway?
WhereIsBeef  [autor] 17 febr. @ 16:59 
I don't know.
jsowins 17 febr. @ 16:09 
It's not showing up in my packages or on my track list, what an I missing?
Dat Sun 17 ian. @ 23:17 
hell yeah
shadowjustice35 16 ian. @ 19:02 
just needs night lighting and the AI is really slow even at full difficulty