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The Complete Paladins Lore Narrative
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This compendium will detail in images and text all released Paladins lore. It is designed to give new players a structured read / visual narrative to catch up on the story so far.

Sources for lore taken from official cinematics, developer updates/talks, patch notes, in-game Lore descriptions, and in-game default champion voice lines.

Note: This guide ignores the "alpha" lore of the game, as it is no longer canon.

guide v1.3, updated to patch 2.01
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Setting (CB - OB64)
The universe of Paladins: Champions of the Realm takes place in The Realm. The continent or landmass on which most of the in-game events takes place is divided into multiple regions with its own distinct climates, homeland races, and geographies. Known regions include:

  • Glacial Keep
    A frigid and dangerous region of the Realm that comprises of year-round snow and ice. There are a number of mining and trading facilities set up here. Its possible the Glacial Keep borders the region that Ascension Peak is located in, as suggested by the overlapping flora in Frostbite Caverns.

  • Enchanted Forest
    A mysterious and foggy region of the Realm that boasts tall forests and beautiful harbors. Timber mills and fishing hubs can be found in this region. It is also likely the region has natural outcroppings of magic and/or a concentrated group of alchemists and magicians, as evident in the number of potion shops in Fish Market.

  • Tempest Isle
    A tropical collection of beaches and islands that have architecture from some bygone civilization. Old temples and statues can be found here in abundance. There is some sort of magic property associated with the ruins, as evident in the natural lighting of the crystals on Serpent Beach.

  • Crosswind Hold
    Suggested to be the headquarters of The Magistrate, this region or castle is central to the Civil War Story arc. It is likely all the outposts and resources centers from other regions export their collections to Crosswind Hold to be sold or used, as evident from Trading District.

  • The Greenwood
    Homeland to Cassie's family. Not known if part of the Enchanted Forest or another woodland.

There are also known instances of locations outside of the Realm.
  • The Abyss Dimensions
    The alternate, hell-like realm to the Realm that harbors evil creatures. (See Region Lore: The Abyssal Realms for more information.)

All locations visually reprsented by in-game maps are organized below.

Glacial Keep
Enchanted Forest
Temple Isle
Frozen Guard (Siege)
Fish Market (Siege)
Frog Isle (Siege)
Ice Mines (Siege)
Timber Mill (Siege)
Jaguar Falls (Siege)
Snowfall Junction (TDM)
Outpost (Payload)
Serpent Beach (Siege)
Frosbite Cavern (Payload)
Village (Tutorial)
Primal Court (Onslaught)
Hidden Temple (Payload)
Temple (Shooting Range)

The Abyss Dimensions
Unnamed Warders Location
Crosswind Hold
Abyss (TDM)
Dragon Arena (TDM)
Trade District (TDM)
Abyss Spire (Event Mode)
Warder's Arena (Event Mode)
Stone Keep (Siege)
Throne (Custom, Event Mode)
Warder's Gate (Siege)
Magistrate's Archives (Onslaught)

Unnamed Quarry Location
Unnamed Mountain Location
Unnamed Location
Splitstone Quarry (Siege)
Ascension Peak (Siege)
Brightmarsh (Siege)
Foreman's Rise (Onslaught)

Unnamed Pirate Location
Future Location
Future Location
Marauder's Port (Onslaught)
The Civil War: Beginnings (OB64 - OB68)

Prehistory conflict between soliders and a dragon

Before the events of Paladins: Champions of the Realm, the Realm saw massive chaos and war. From cinematics and cross-referencing champion lore, we can deduce that multiple races--from power-hungry dragons to invasive goblins to the Crosswind Hold humans--sought control for land.

It was not until the humans banded together under Valeria, a valiant elven warrior, and formed an elite fighting group called the Paladins did Crosswind Hold stand a chance. Soon-to-be Grand Magister Karne is one of these Paladins.

One of the earliest known threats to the Realm was the Dragon Scourge. Boasting incredible destructive magic, the dragons served as the impetus for the formation of an ancient civilization known as the Warders--a race of mages that dedicated their existence towards quelling the dragons. While we do not know the specifics of their conflicts, eventually the Warders win and end up taming the dragons for their own personal power. The victorious mages seemingly vanished hereafter, leaving behind a beacon for the Realm to light should it ever need their powers again.

During the goblin encroachment of the First Scourge--one of the major conflicts in prehistory--the Paladins resorted to creating the stagalla, a loyal and protective race of stone people. With their help, the Paladins finally defeat the goblins, and the stagalla start a centuries-long slumber having fulfilled their oath to Valeria.

Not much is known about the goblin encroachment of the Second Scourge. All we know is that it pushed people of the Realm into mountains, where fortresses and temples were formed in defense. Jenos escapes during this time to the temple that would become Ascension Peak. He achieves apotheosis and leaves a large following of awaiting monks behind.

Either in the previously mentioned scourges or in other unnamed ones, the goblins continue to invade and destroy. Their actions are so dire that the forests they were encroaching on summoned Grover--a manifestation of nature's wrath--to combat them. At another point in time, the goblins attack the lands of the Red River Orcs, prompting the lightning-gifted Grohk to unleash his fury.

Ultimately after all the scourages, what was left of the goblins was cleaned up by Crosswind Hold, who would also come to enslave the goblins to prevent any future invasions.

Valeria and Karne fighting against enemies

Eventually, the Paladins win out against all other enemies, and Crosswind Hold enters a Golden Age. Seeing no further need for defenders, the Paladins disband; Valeria steps down and secedes rule to a newfound government called The Magistrate--comprised of ex-Paladins and powerful magicians, headed by none other than Grand Magister Karne.

We learn that magic is present in the universe. While it can exist inherently in humans (magicians like Karne), it isn't overly abundant. As such, The Magistrate remains the main force of magic for the inhabitants of Crosswind Hold, using their unrivaled power to continue nurturing the golden age for centuries.

The Golden Age

Crosswind Hold during its Golden Age

During this time, the empire of Crosswind Hold expands and a number of races--elves, humans, and dwarves--all come to co-exist. Noble houses also spring up and gain power, each governing their own individual region. House Aico is one of these houses. It is also suggested that Skye and Zhin belonged to one of these noble houses.

House Aico becomes notably one of the stronger houses and shows an early sign of conquest-fever. At some point during a siege of a fortress, Lian has her warlocks create sentient walking bombs, one of which is Bomb King. The experiment goes awry, and Bomb King ends up destroying Lian's own army. House Aico retreats, and Bomb King freely wanders the Realm.

Simultaneously, The Magistrates army grows stronger, eventually developing an elite unit of soldiers known as Sentinels. This unit consists of Buck, an ex-underworld thug, Viktor, a loyal Magistrate soldier, and Strix, a military-hardened sniper. With Viktor serving as its commander and Strix its sharpshooter teacher, the Sentinels sees the recruitment of two young prodigies: Kinessa and Tyra.

Kinessa, the eager sharpshooter, leaves the Sentinels shortly before completing her training due to the harsh military lifestyle. On the other hand, Tyra, the frontierswoman, stays and perfects her rifle skills.

One fateful day, the Sentinels are sent on a mission that ends disastrously and ultimately leads to the dissolution of the Sentinels. Taking the blame for the mission failure, Viktor, along with Strix, is reassigned to the regular force. Tyra and Buck leave the Magistrate: the former returning to her homeland to serve as a frontiers hunter against monsters, the latter disappearing to the temples at Ascension Peak to become a monk.

Discovery of Crystals

Barik and an unnamed elf assistant investigating crystal-tech

After many centuries, the discovery of crafted crystals serves as a breakthrough in the accessibility of magic. The Magistrate forms an organization called Deepwerks to further propel the advancement of crystal-powered technology, recruiting members such as the runic scholar Torvald and master mechanic Barik.

During their time at Deepwerks, Torvald develops his rune gauntlet (his in-game primary weapon) and Barik invents a number of machines such as jetpack wings and the standard goblin mining suit. Barik gave the jetpack wings to Drogoz, a wingless wyrin underling to a dragon, so that he may also fly. The mining suit is issued to all the goblin miners, one of which is Ruckus.

Barik also comes to help a knowledge-seeking and orphaned Ska'drin named Talus uncover his inborn aptitude and true potential. It is unknown if anyone else at Deepwerks knew of Barik's and Talus's mentor-mentee-relationship. (Read more about Talus under Miscellaneous Lore)

Vivian, a Magistrate officer, hears about Deepwerks and schemes her way into joining the Deepwerks facility as its commander of security. She repurposes the crystals for combat, setting the new standard for weaponry in the realm (nearly all champions in-game wear, harness, or otherwise have crystals on their persons/weapons). Believing the crystals misused for evil, Barik has a falling out with Vivian and eventually leaves Deepwerks facility.
The Civil War: Beginnings (OB64 - OB68)
Consequences of Crystal Magic

Unnamed magician abusing crystal power

As time goes on, the increase in popularity and potency of crystals also leads to an increase of trouble. Self-serving and power-hungry individuals start to abuse them as a means for personal gain, leading to The Magistrate banning crystal-magic among commoners. Karne orders a ruthless recall of all crystals, having his forces break into homes and confiscate the contraband gems. By consolidating this power, Karne believes The Magistrate would be more capable of quelling chaos and restoring peace.

Predicting a coming conflict, Karne calls for the loyal houses to aid the Magistrate.

The Patriarch of House Aico answers by sending the house's scion, Lian. As the heiress to the Ruby Throne of House Aico, Lian sought a means to prove her capability and honor her family's oath to the Magistrate. Bodyguard of, personal advisor to, and general for Lian, Khan was also sent to fulfill his obligation as the Primus of House Aico.

Fernando, a squire-turned-knight, excitedly heeds the Magistrate's call for loyal houses on behalf of his deceased master.

Simultaneously, Karne continues to fund Vivian's research into advanced crystal-weaponry. The Magistrate Army comes to develop an experimental front-line battle suit and weapon, that of which was quickly proved effective when piloted by Magistrate soldier Ash. It is at this point Viktor and Strix meet Ash.

A Realm Divided

Valeria tearing apart Magistrate propaganda. Ying and Sha Lin are seen front-facing and walking towards the camera shot as proponents of the Paladins; Fernando is seen from behind, riding away from the Paladins and towards the Magistrate keep.

While some support The Magistrate in their quest for peace, others rally behind Valeria. Believing everyone had a right to crystal magic, Valeria reforms the Paladins as a resistance against Karne's hunt for crystals. Her cause drew the attention of many adventures, including but not limited to the notable hunters of Greenwood.

Cassie, following the footsteps of her enlisted Greenwood hunter friends, would eventually join the Paladins at a later date.

Barik is one of the first to join the Paladins. He brings his knowledge of crystal weaponry to the Resistance, leveling the armaments playing field. This is also likely the same time Talus joins the Paladins, eager to use his new skills and to prove the capabilities of the Ska'drin.

Sympathizing heavily with the common folk, famous adventurer Sha Lin decides to fight The Magistrate, as well.

Echoing Valeria's belief in the free use of crystal magic, Ying also joins. It is suggested that Ying and Sha Lin have a history before the events of the Paladins, and decided to join simultaneously. (Detailed in the Thousands Hand Guild story arc.)

Worried about the coming of an all-out war, Valeria also awakens the stagalla to aid the Paladins against Magistrate oppression. The stagalla show different levels of willingness to fight ex-Paladins: Terminus is one such stagalla who eagerly sides with Valeria while Inara is one who is hesitant.

Conflict Erupts

Terminus fighting against Magistrate forces

Regardless of oaths, the Paladins and Magistrate quickly erupt into fighting. With the immense resources, wealth, and humanpower of the Magistrate, Karne easily defeats the Paladins early on. In one momentous battle, Ash, wielding her experimental flak cannon, successfully destroys Terminus's left arm and kills him the process. The Paladins scatter and retreat, leaving Terminus behind. His death enrages Inara, who thereby abandons all reluctance and full-heartedly vows to fight.

With this, the tide of battle shifted. Their early losses became martyrs icons for many more realm hopefuls. The Paladins strengthen their resolve and continue to grow their support base.

Disliking what the Magistrate has become, Tyra returns from her homeland at this point to side with the Paladins. Pip, Evie, and Koga also join with the Paladins at this point, though their intentions are not clear. (See the Thousand Hands Guild Story Arc for more details on Koga).

Though not seen, it is understood that Terminus is recovered, reanimated, and brainwashed by Magistrate magicians--forming the Terminus we know in-game.

The Realm Fights Back
Growing hostilities between both factions lead to increased destruction of the Realm, both of its forests and islands. As such, we see a multitude of other factions join the fray, each striking their own discord with the red and blue factions.

Encroached by fire and industrialization, all the rabbit-like leipori flee deeper into the forest--all but one: Moji and her familiar Po-Li. Wanting to defend her home, Moji likely awakens the great nature spirit Grover and allies with the faeries of the Summer Court, another group of woodland inhabitants threatened by the civil war. Willo is one such faery.

At the other end of the geographical spectrum, the home island of the Ska'drin also saw heavy threat from the war. Ancient defender of the island, Makoa left for the mainland to protect the natural world.

Grohk soon joins the fray shortly after, fighting on the part of his tribe and his tribe's lands.

Both factions stand at a stalemate, though each is still trying to gain the advantage. It is among this stalemate that third party mercenaries gain the most.

Utilizing her training from the Sentinels unit, Kinessa sells her service to the highest bidder, functioning as an unbiased bounty hunter for both sides.

Employing a whole organization of cutthroats and thugs, Zhin likewise plays the opportunist by selling his services and the services of his guild. (See the Thousand Hands Guild Story Arc for more details.)

Maeve, despite regarded as an underworld criminal, works independently from Zhin. She sells to the highest bidder, much to the chagrin of both factions. (See The Outer Tribunal Sub Arc for more details.)

Ruckus discovers a memory stone of an old war golem and installs it into his mining suit. The suit comes to life, is named Bolt by Ruckus, and frees both from their slavery. Ruckus starts adventuring the Realm on his own.
The Civil War: Siege of Ascension Peak (OB68 - 1.4)
With the release of patch OB68 and the event Siege of Ascension Peak, we learn more about the development of the civil war.

Buck awaiting the return of Jenos

Jenos ascends into the heavens during the Second Scourge of the goblins centuries ago. A massive following of monks stay after at Ascension Peak to await his return. Many, many generations later, after the dissolution of Sentinels, Buck joins the alcove as a monk in hopes of repairing himself from a life in the military. It is at this point the story continues...

The Return of Jenos

Jenos imparts knowledge to Buck

One faithful night, Jenos descends from the sky to encounter a lone monk still waiting--Buck. Jenos immediately shares what he has learned from heavens: the infinite power of the cosmos and a darkness that is to come (possibly the ending of the civil war, but very likely something much darker such as the Abyss... more details on this in the Abyss Story Arc). It is implied at this point Buck learns his in-game Recovery ability.

Khan beckoning House Aico battalions towards Ascension Peak

The Ruby Throne eventually hears about Jenos returning and sends forces to Ascension Peak. Khan is tasked with recruiting the descended god to their side in hopes of utilizing his powers to end the civil war once and for all. This is the beginning of the Siege of Ascension Peak, and the point at which players join the fray.

Speculation of In-game Gameplay

Image from Joshino's video:

During the siege itself, players were randomly assigned to a faction (House Aico or Ascension Peak) and randomly assigned a champion. From the team compositions presented, we can speculate on some additional details

Ascension Peak Faction
  • Paladins
    Having heard of House Aico's plan, Valeria sends some members to help push back against the siege.
    • Cassie
    • Inara

  • Ascension Peak
    Inhabitants of Ascension Peak looking to defend their home.
    • Jenos
    • Buck

  • Third Party: Underworld Criminals
    Maeve comes to involve herself at the siege. It is not likely the monks at Ascension Peak were able to outbid for her services, so if anyone, it would have been the Paladins. Alternatively, Maeve could have saw this an oppurtunity to loot the defeated and wealthy soldiers of House Aico and promptly joined the fight. Regardless of intention, we learn here that Maeve has historically fought against House Aico.
    • Maeve

House Aico Faction
  • House Aico
    The main aggressors of Ascension Peak, looking to convert Jenos through force.
    • Lian
    • Khan (unplayable during event)

  • Magistrate's Army
    Karne sends aid to House Aico to assist with the siege. It's likely that Viktor served as the commander of the Magistrate portion.
    • Ash
    • Viktor (unplayable during event)

  • Third Party: Underworld Criminals
    Zhin is also seen at the siege. Just like Maeve, it's possible he was outbidded by either the Magistrate or House Aico to help them take over Ascension. Alternatively, Zhin himself may have saw the siege as an oppurtunity to better his own strength, being the power-hungry tyrant he is.
    • Zhin

  • Fourth Party: The Abyss
    Perhaps the most surprising appearence, Seris is seen at the siege healing the forces of the Magistrate and House Aico. It's possible that Jenos's warnings to Buck about the darkness refers to the Abyss encroachment; the Abyss senses this and has Seris join the fight to try to subdue Jenos. (More details in the Abyss Story Arc.)
    • Seris

Speculation of In-game Cinematics
Players during the event see the Khan punching Viktor off the cliff among an active battlefield. It's important to remember that House Aico is not synonymous with the Magistrate. In the Lore video on patch OB68, the narrative tells us specifically that Lian sends Khan to recruit Jenos for the power of House Aico, so it's possible Khan understood this as an endeavor specifically for the House.

As such, when Ash and Viktor were sent to help, it's likely that Karne tells Viktor the mission and trusts him to lead both the Magistrate and House Aico to perform in the way that is best for the Magistrate. Khan, loyal to House Aico, decides to defeat Viktor so that he can manipulate the Magistrate forces for House Aico instead. Alternatively, Khan could see Viktor's command/failture in the past as a threat of weakness to the operation. Whatever the case, Khan betrays Viktor, making themselves unplayable during the event.


Khan and Jenos at a stand-off

Though no clear victor was determined, It is presumed that after these events, Khan returns from the siege to continue fighting for House Aico. Buck, interpreting the "approaching darkness" statement from Jenos, decides to join the Paladins.
Substory Arc: The Thousand Hands Guild (OB52, OB64, 1.3)
During the Golden Age of Crosswind Hold, a number of noble houses develop under the Magistrates rule. Zhin belonged to one of these houses, though at some point early in his life, he was robbed or displaced from heritage. Forced to survive on his own, Zhin started to operate as an underworld thug. Not before long, his expertise in crime and leadership allowed him to create a network of loyal like-minded bandits--a network he would eventually grow into the shadowy empire of The Thousand Hands Guild.

Past Events
One of Zhin's earliest supporters and henchman was Sha Lin, the Desert Wind. Always looking for unusual talent, Zhin employed Sha Lin's magical mirage capacities to quickly maneuver and confuse enemies to deadly effect. The pair went on numerous sprees, one of which eventually lead to the capture and imprisonment of a young magician--an illusionist named Ying.

Though the exact details of the encounter, treatment, and imprisonment duration are unknown, Sha Lin ends up betraying his guild and freeing Ying. The pair escapes, much to Zhin's wrath. It is suggested that somewhere along this adventure, Sha Lin develops a romantic interest in Ying. Given Ying's enthusiastic and caring nature, it is not surprising that Sha Lin vows to correct all his past misdeeds and becomes a Robin Hood to the people of the realm--a true change of heart. Zhin remains unsuccessful in pursuing and recapturing the two.

Following this demonstration of in-guild infidelity, Zhin decided to share his signature flame-projectile combat style with a new disciple: Koga. Though not much is else known about Koga's achievements in the Guild, we do know that Koga was inevitably betrayed and/or framed, turning the Thousand Hands against him. Koga quickly retreated, vowing to exact his revenge.

By this time, Skye, who had separated from her royal house very early similar to Zhin, had already developed a name for herself. While she was attracted by the thrill and freedom of the underworld criminal life, her flirtatious predilection for ruthlessness and murder attracted Zhin's admiration. The moment seemed perfect: she promptly enlisted with the Thousands Hand and filled as Zhin's newest, and potentially third, disciple.

In recent history, Koga returns to face his old master and to demand the answers to his betrayal. To his surprise, Skye intervenes on Zhin's behalf, and the duo fight it out. While the results of the battle are inconclusive, we know that both duelists and Zhin survive the encounter. A major interim occurs between the events of the confrontation and today's events.

With the onset of the Civil War, new oppurtunities arose.

Koga joins the Paladins, potentially as a safety net that with which he can use to pursue those who betrayed him in the guild. This implies that Koga's encounter with Zhin was fruitless.

Skye shifted away from the Thousand Hands, enamored with the paygrade of the Magistrate's contracts. Her skills proved instrumental to Karne, and she quickly rose to a personal advisorship.

Ever-married to the idea of the common people's heroes, Ying and Sha Lin join the Paladins. It is unknown if this duo ever knew about Koga and his involvement with the Thousand Hands.

Zhin, understandably infuriated at all the guild defectors, remains stalwart in his goal of crime and bounty. The Thousand Hands serve as a mercenary faction, hirable by both Magistrate and the Paladins.
Substory Arc: The Outer Tribunal (OB46, OB64)
The Witchdoctor
Every cycle, the Mother of Sorrow and Revenge, Wekono would appoint a personal champion. During the time of the Paladins, Wekono chooses a witchdoctor from an island--possibly the island of the Ska'drin or the Tempest Isle.

Mal'Damba wreaks havoc across the realm in the name of Wekono, proving himself and his goddess to be a major problem for the Magistrate.

The Thief
Prior to the events of the civil war, a young street rat named Maeve successfully infiltrates Crosswind Hold (speculated to be Magistrate's Archives) and steals the magical long coat she currently wears in-game. This artifact, along with her natural talent and bi-racial powers, gives her the unrivaled ability to sneak and steal at her leisure.

Maeve becomes a notorious underworld thief--another problem for the Magistrate.

The Guild
Despite the Guild's mercenary stance and sometimes beneficial crimes, the legal system of the Magistrate cannot always turn a blind eye. The Thousand Hands Guild poses as a third threat to the order of the realm listed so far, and is perhaps one of the biggest pressures for the Magistrate to act.

The Outer Tribunal
At some point between the Golden Age of Crosswind Hold and the current events of the Civil War, the Magistrate forms an organization known as The Outer Tribunal. Tasked to hunt down criminals and monsters at the fringes of the Realm, these "judges" serve as extremely efficient and merciless bounty hunters in service of Karne. Lex and Androxus are two such judges.

The pair encounters an unnamed and deceitful goddess, speculated to either be Wekono or an Abyssal goddess. Androxus successfully kills this goddess but is afflicted with an otherworldly disease in the process. Cursed by the deceased deity, Androxus develops an endless hunger for souls, satiated temporarily only by taking the souls of the living. Androxus thereby abandons his duty to the Outer Tribunal and escapes Lex.

Androxus quickly rises to the top of the most wanted list, prompting the oathbound Lex to pursue him in an attempt to bring the traitor back to the Magistrate--dead or alive. Lex is likely also tasked to bring Maeve and members of the Thousand Hand Guild to justice, as suggested by the many in-game cinematics that show Lex facing Zhin, Maeve, Mal'Damaba, and Androxus.

It is suggested that the Outer Tribunal is not involved in the civil war--at least not directly. Due to their assignment locations ("fringes of the realm") and the nature of their duties, judges seem to be responsible for hunting major threats to the entirety of the realm, rather than just specific state enemies. There are no known bounty interactions with judges and members of the Paladins; in fact, Lex is known to have even rescued Pip, a Paladins member, at some point in his career. However, it is possible that Lex simply did not know of Pip's affiliation or the rescue was done before Pip joined the Paladins.
Substory Arc: Rise of Seris and Furia (OB48, 1.1)

The town of Seris and its portal to the Abyss

Crosswind Hold boasts many interesting towns, but none more interesting than the town of Seris. For you see, Seris had an interesting tourist attraction: an open portal to the Abyss, an alternate space outside of the Realm that harbored demonic monsters and creatures of malice. In order to maintain the safety of Seris, the Magistrate conducted an annual tradition of sacrifice to appease the Abyss's hunger. It was a fearful time every year, but the townspeople feared the Abyss more.

The Selection

Sarah defending Abby as the Magistrate attempt to take her away

When the time came, a young woman named Abby was selected to be sacrificed. While she grimly accepted her fate, her sister Sarah fought back in an attempt to repel the Magistrate guards from seizing her. Alas, Sarah was unsuccessful against the governing might, and Abby was scheduled to be sacrificed the next day.

The shrine to the Eternal Pyre in Seris, Crosswind Hold.

Helpless and forlorn, Sarah retreats to a church for the Eternal Pyre. The Eternal Pyre is noted as a "cleansing light" from which people are reborn and is reputed to be a source of salvation or an entity that answers prayers. Sarah begged for a way to save her sister...

The Sacrifice

... but it was too late. As the Abyss rumbled to the surface of the portal, it realized that it hungered not for just a soul, but for a physical body to possess.

The oultine of an Abyssal Lord consuming Sarah

As it surged into Realm and consumed Abby, it caused a massive explosion that decimated the town of Seris.

The Abyssal explosion that destroyed Seris

The Transformation
In response to the sudden explosion, the Eternal Pyre too flared in retaliation as it too consumed Sarah, granting her sanctuary. As the town of Seris laid razed, she exited the untouched church building with a newfound purpose of abolishing all the Abyss had so that no future innocents would be lost. Sarah had now become Furia, vegenance incarnate.

Sarah reborn as Furia

The Aftermath
With its newfound host, the Abyss now can directly influence events in the Realm. It is unclear whether Abby/Seris has been wholly possessed or simply convert. Her taking on the name of the town could be a solemn memento of that which was was destroyed (parts of Abby's humanity is left) or a trophy of the first successful invasion (the Abyss has taken over). Regardless, Seris now acts to strengthen the evil force, perhaps the same darkness that Jenos had cautioned against.

It is important to note that Seris has the unnatural power of prescience, which gives her reason to appear at events not typically associated with the Abyss (for example, Seris appearing at the siege of Ascension was to execute some unknown plan).

The In-Game Event
With the 1.1 event, players join the Realm as random champions trapped by, seduced by, or otherwise stumbled into the Abyss. The event suggests that with Seris now manifested, the powers of the Abyss are stronger than ever and is able to connect mortals to the unnamed Abyssal Lord, unofficially nicknamed the Dragon Lord.

The Abyssal Lord, who takes the shape of a dragon, that players encounter during the event

The Dragon Lord's court is a spire with shifting platforms above a dark sea. All the players are looking for a means of escape, frantically ascending the steps before the Abyssal sea consumes them. Along the way, they are able to collect powerups that bear an insignia similar to those associated with the Eternal Pyre. These were possibly spawned here by Furia, who is attempting to free the champions.

At the pinnacle of the players' ascent, there is a purple crystal structure that must be destroyed before being summoned to the throne. Once completed, the players battle it out to the Dragon Lord's amusement. It is possible Abyssal Lords have all their souls fight it out to ensure the most powerful souls are kept/consumed.

The crystal structure seen in-game

However, right at the end of the conflict, Furia successfully enters the Abyss realm. She confronts the Dragon Lord and, funneling the power of the Eternal Pyre, single-handedly destroys it. It is implied that Furia then escorts all the champions out of the Abyss realm.

Taken from FrostFang's youtube channel:

The Aftermath
Not much else is known after the events of the Abyss eruption, but we do know that Furia is unable to locate Seris and revert/contain the Abyss influence in the Realm.

It is possible many other Abyss portals opened and trapped other mortal souls.
The Civil War: The Dragon's Call (1.4 - 1.6)
The past of the Warders, or Dragon Mages, is enigmatic at best. We know they are an archaic race of spellcasters long-thought to be extinct. predating the civil war and even the goblin scourges from the original Paladins. They were called upon in ancient times to fight the darkness (likely the Abyss) and at least partially utilized magic that was stored in large crystals. Warders were mobilized via a lit beacon known as the Dragon's Call.

The Dragon's Call
Sometime after the aftermath of the Abyss resurgence, Valeria and Karne learn of the location of one of the Warder's vaults. Its beacon had been ignited, and its crystal power ripe for the taking. It is unknown who activated or what caused the beacon since all Warders were seemingly extinct.

Since we last saw Sha Lin, Moji, and Furia, these champions have significantly matured or otherwise improved in their capabilities. They heed the Dragon's Call with upgraded powers. (See Lore-Friendly Skins for more information.

The Paladins and the Magistrate were not privy to the artifacts stored in the vaults but rather thought the light from the beacon itself was a potent source of energy. Once arriving at the location, both sides frantically tried to unlock the vaults.

The Event
Players join the event at the beginning of the conflict. Both sides attempt to pass a powerful keystone known as the Warder's Key into one of the vaults, unlocking it in the process. The keysphere itself is said to be immensely powerful--its ancient magic so overwhelming that champions are unable to use their abilities or receive any healing.

The elder dragon and keystone

One of the vaults

It is also possible that the Warder's Arena is at an extremely secluded location that is difficult to reach, given the smaller 4v4 scenario. Champions are not faction-bound in this event, which further adds to the degree of frenzy everyone went through trying to access the Warder's magic.
The Civil War: The Dark Tides (1.6 - 1.9)
The Aftermath of the Dragon's Call
Concluding the conflict at the Warder's Arena, the Paladins emerge the victors. They secured a Warder relic that resembles a power gauntlet and prepared to sail back home, eager to tell Valeria of their success. Furia and Moji, previously unaligned with the Paladins, also sail home on the same boat. It is unknown whether this alliance is permanment.

Paladins stare in awe at the Warder's gauntlet. This image also confirms that the 1.4 skins were canon (read more under Lore-Friendly Skins)

But suddenly, out on the open seas, the Paladins corsair was quickly intercepted by Admiral Dredge of the Eight Oceans. A power-hungry pirate, he attacks the Paladins transport and plunders the relic for himself.

Dredge attacking the Paladins

The Dragon Fights Back
The seizure sparks an eruption back at the Warder's Arena. Unbeknownst to everyone, the gauntlet had an agenda of its own and was displeased with its new owner. Believing only the worthy could carry it, the gauntlet enraged the elder dragon as it bursted out from its prison and soared to reclaim the Warder artifact.

The unnamed elder dragon of the Warders erupting from its prison

Vegeance was swift, as the none could stand against the dragon's wrath. Dredge's ship was destroyed, and the ruthless pirate admiral was defeated.

But Dredge was not lost. The Abyss, perhaps sensing the power of the Warders, bore Dredge in its sanctuary, corrupting but also resurrecting him under the cause. By nature of being associated with the Abyss, Dredge is mortally hated by Furia.

Dredge resurrected by the Abyss

Dredge's transformation affect his entire kit, but none more unqiue than the effect on his howitzer. Seating a small squid that is similarily touched by the Abyss, the weapon boasts a portal into the Abyss at the end of its barrel, cursing all its projectiles as it passes through. He also is able to interact with the Abyss via portals at will: his Harpoon ability reaches into the Abyss to pull out an ethereal spear, his Shortcut allows him to teleport via reality tears into that dimension, and his ultimate calls forward the hunger of the Abyss onto the field.

Before Dredge was killed by the Warder dragon, he bore the kraken insignia on his ship, implying he is a long time supporter or believer of the same ancient Abyssal cult on Maruader's Port.

The Event
By the time players join the action, Dredge has already corrupted his lair and amassed a wealth seen at Maurader's Port. Throughout the continuing conflicts back at the mainland, occasional Abyssal echoes will appear at the command of Dredge. Players are encouraged to defeat these echoes, lest they escape and ravage the Realm.

Three of the four available echoes during the event. These echoes were also available as skins for the champions they were based on

It is unknown whether the gauntlet was resecured, but we do know that at least some of the Paladins survived Dredge's first attack for the gauntlet and have returned home.
The Civil War: Warders Return (1.9 - Present)
Sometime after the events of Dredge's plundering and resurrection, Dredge recaptures his prized artifact and brings it back to Marauder's Port, his base of operations.

Looking to reclaim what's hers, Imani reveals herself to Dredge (and the Realm) by attacking the port. In the reveal trailer, Dredge exclaims, "A Warder?! But how?!" upon seeing Imani's attacking, implying two things:

1) Warders have been long thought extinct, given their antiquity and unresponsiveness to the lit beacon.
2) Warders, while ancient, are still recognizable and known throughout the Realm, since Dredge was able to identify Imani upon sight.

After a brief incursion, Imani reclaims her gauntlets, equips them, and then summons the same Elder Dragon seen previously. This ends the 1.9 visual lore reveal, but we learn a number of things from visual cues:

- There are two gauntlets, and both are equippable as a weapon
- Imani is a Warder--the last Warder
- Imani can summon the Elder Dragon, though its unknown if this is specifically only for Imani
- Imani can cast spells without the gauntlets
- Warders are Dragon Mages / Dragon Keepers that wield power through gauntlets, suggesting that there might be more gauntlets

Imani summons the Elder Dragon

NOTE: The associated event with 1.9 is considered non-canon. This patch is one of the smaller post-release patches in terms of lore.
Region Lore, #1
Crosswind Hold

Our first look into Crosswind Hold. This was the first map released during the open beta cycle. Very little lore was discussed during its reveal, due to how early this was during development. Stone Keep establishes the architecture style and setting of the Magistrate.


As we delve deeper into Stone Keep, we eventually stumble upon this outdoor balcony region known as the Magistrate's Archive. It is an open multi-floored platform that houses many astrological tools, a plethora of tomes, and a number of Magistrate tomes. There have been a number of conflicts over the contents of the Archive in the past, some contents of which have been successfully removed or reported missing. Vivian is also seen obtaining her current in-game weapon from the library at this location.

It is speculated that Maeve's long coat--one of the missing relics at the vaults--was obtained from the Magistrate's archive, as well.

During her trailer cinematic, Vivian rendezvous with Buck and Tyra to accomplish some unknown plan. This scene likely happened some time after the events of Ascension Peak (if not, at the very least AFTER the dissolution of the Sentinels) for the following observations: Buck is wearing his post-monk outfit, and Tyra is in her frontierswoman outfit/post-Sentinels outfit.

A testament to her manipulation, Vivian either tricks or convinces Buck and Tyra (two Paladins members) to ally with her. She brings them into the Magistrate's Archives, which is titularly a Magistrate location.


We get another look into Crosswind Hold through the reveal of Trade District. The area's size accommodates the bustling city life expected of a trading hub and is decorated with shops, caravans, bridges, and even a courtyard. Trade District demonstrates that the inhabitants live rather comfortably: there is plumbing, stonework buildings, and a resource abundance.

From the reveal cinematic, we get to see the aftermath of a battle that takes place in a deserted Trade District. Vivian remarks, "Well, that was brutal" before she and Fernando walk away triumphantly. Note that Vivian and Fernado appear very nonchalant--even smug--about the defeated, implying the combat was orchestrated to end the way it ended.

Vivian and Fernando seen walking away from a battle

Very little is known about the nature of the conflict or what motives the combatants had, but the following observations and speculations can be made:

  • Vivian learns of Jenos's submission or acquiescence to come to Crosswind Hold. Not wanting the Magistrate to gain an unfair advantage (seeing the chaos of the civil war as means to advance), she smuggles Buck and Tyra into the Keep (seen from the Magistrate's Archive cinematic). The plan is to actively prevent Jenos from joining the Magistrate.

  • She also propositions Fernando for his aid. Why Fernando might team up with Vivian is a mystery, but it may have to do with his master's "untimely death" and Fernando's subsequent promotion to knighthood.

  • At the same time, Vivian informs Viktor and Strix--loyal Magistrate soldiers--of Buck and Tyra's attempt at stopping Jenos from reaching Karne.

  • Jenos and Lian are seen together at this scene, suggesting that Khan was able to convince Jenos to come to the Magistrate capital. They arrive at Trade Disctrict.

  • Drogoz is a known independent "adventurer" who lusts after gold. Trade District has plenty of opportunities to acquire that gold. Drogoz could have also been seduced by House Aico wealth's and hired to help escort Jenos. Whatever the reason, Drogoz is around for the battle.

  • Androxus is the biggest mystery here, having very little in connection with any of the characters. There is a chance he came to Crosswind Hold to escape Lex (since we know Lex's scope of operation to be distinctly at the fringes of the realm), but this is a pure guess. Whatever the reason, Androxus is also around for the battle.

  • Everyone encounters each other in front of the bridge. A fight breaks out from Viktor and Strix vs. Buck and Tyra, prompting Jenos and Lian to join the fray. Drogoz and Androxus get involved, as well as, Vivian and Fernando. In the end, everyone is defeated except the two masterminds. Vivian walks away; her plan of defeating some of the major players/obstacles in the civil war completed.

NOTE: While this map was released in OB65, it must chronologically take place after the Siege of Ascension Peak in OB68 due to Buck's post-monastry outfit and Jenos's decesnt from the heavens.

Swamp Region

Brightmarsh is the first known visual insight into the homeland region of the vulpines, specifically Pip. Brightmarsh is a bright, botanical swamp that is grounded by a paradise village of alchemists. Many plants and alchemy ingredients are grown nearby or in the buildings themselves. During this map release, we learn that the vulpines are a peaceful, family-centric race that specializes in curative magic. Pip, as an orphan, often found disparities between himself and the village mentality, preferring explosive weaponry instead of healing flasks. Pip eventually leaves the village in favor of adventure.

Quarry Region

Splitstone Quarry is revealed as the first visible instance of an unnamed mountain/quarry region that feeds Crosswind Hold. The goblins that were enslaved since the scourges have since spent many centuries mining at this quarry in search of gold. The quarry employs an overseer and a number goblins who utilize the mining suits original created by Barik. Exploring the environment in-game, we find a number of cave-ins and yellow flower bouquets. This, coupled with the fact that the environmental hazards on the map do not seem very safe or roped off, indicates that the enslaved goblins are working in precarious, high-work-mortality areas.

During his time at the quarry, Ruckus eventually comes to find a mind-stone of a war golem from long ago. Likely mistaking this for the standard crystals that power the mech suits, Ruckus installs the mind-stone and brings about the personality of Bolt.

Though it is unknown precisely what happens next, Ruckus and Bolt eventually leave Splitstone to adventure across the realm. Finding two calendars that indicate a momentous date, it is loosely speculated that Ruckus and Bolt were able to rebel, either freeing just themselves or the entire goblin community there.


Foreman's Rise is our second look at the mountain region of the goblins. This map confirms the presence of an overseer authority controlling Splitstone, and is located directly above Splitstone Quarry. Foreman's Rise provides the storage, living spaces, and shops for the working community.
Region Lore, #2
Mountain Region

Ascension Peak gave us a glimpse into the mountain tops and temples of the Realm. We learn that the monk population at Ascension invested heavily in jade statues, likely after the constellations that are associated with Jenos. Besides the occasional store and bath house, the temple is largely just pathways and balconies, suggesting how important outdoor meditation and perambulation was important to the monk lifestyles.

There also an unnamed species of "sky whales" that traverse the clouds.

The Abyssal Realms

With the release of 1.1, we gain numerous insights into what the Abyss actually is: it's a multi-planar realm separate from the mortal world we know as the Realm. Multiple Abyssal Lords call this dimension home and each control a spire with a court at the top. Spires, as well as all its platforms, float above an opaque sea. The sea occasionally has geyser-like bursts at its surface, reminiscent of magma. There is an eternal yellow "moon" that stays at the top of the sky, though it is unknown if this moon is specific to the spire we visited or if its presence is linked to the presence of an Abyssal Lord.

We also learn that Abyssal Lords feed on or collect the souls of the mortals, dragging them into their own homes and encasing souls into large purple soul crystals.


In 1.3, it is revealed that the Abyss TDM map is a residual location left over from the Abyssal Lord from 1.1, sometime after Furia's destruction of the Dragon Lord. Small note: there is no more sun in the Abyss, suggesting that the moon may have been linked to the presence of the Abyssal Lord.

Unknown Pirate Location

We learn of an ancient hideaway for an Abyss cult that worshipped an unnamed kraken deity. It is unknown whether the kraken is an Abyssal Lord, but it does physically exist in the in-game universe, possibly as a vessel or creature that was borne from the Abyss. Dredge had previously set-up refuge at this port, storing many of his treasures here between plundering the oceans. In the center are golden casts of statues notably inspired or taken from the scholar of Stone Keep, jaguar of Jaguar Falls, and phoenix of House Aico. This would suggest that Dredge has visited or at least raided people who have come from those locations, meaning Dredge's nautical range of influence is far and wide.

Maurader's Port is set-up similarly to a port-side fortress and is surrounded by a perpetual fog. It is possible Marauder's Port is hidden by some sort of Abyssal magic, preventing normal inhabitants of the Realm from docking. EvilMojoThunderBrush has also officially confirmed that the kraken was chosen by Dredge to be his champion, which may translate into a pirate pet or cove guardian.

The Warder Locations

With 1.4, we explore a new location/region of the realm that belongs to the Warders, an ancient civilization of a race of mages that might even pre-date the stagalla. The Warder's Arena is an elder dragon prison that houses a beacon that calls to all of its members to assist against the darkness in times of need. It is surrounded by fortress-like walls and numerous magic runes, intended to subdue its dragon prisoner and keep outsiders away. The stage itself has two vaults and a keysphere known as the Warder's Key. The vault themselves contain one or many coveted Warder crystals and relics that store parts of their ancient power.

It is likely the trapped dragon is kept as a warden for the crystal power. Warders of the past presented the keystone to one of the two vaults to gain access, lest they deal with the dragon. Players during 1.4 were tasked to replicate this ritual.


Scaling a massive mountain bluff, snuggly nestled among the rugged peaks, lies yet another Warder's location known as the Dragon Arena. The Dragon Arena was used as a training grounds for dragon taming.

The arena contains a central house that is overlooked by many rows of spectator seats. Opposite of the seats is a balcony and a gate that leads over the edge of the cliff. At the middle of the seating area is a large golden statue of a dragon. These suggest that the dragons were a massive influence on the Warders' way of life, as the whole civilization often took part in witnessing whenever a new Warder would attempt to tame a new dragon. Dragons were also seemingly revered, given the valuable golden statue.


Warder's Gate is shown as one of the thresholds into the remote living area of the Warders. Hidden in an unnamed forest region, the Warder's Gate is naturally protected by the forest border and the Warder's signature runed-encrusted fortress walls.

The map is asymmetrically outfitted: one side (the Warder's side) is more vibrant and luminous--housing godrays and robust butterflies--while the other side (the forest side) is more aged and rugged. The entirety of the map acts as a buffer against the forest, which seems to have reclaimed many of the Warder facilities and buildings from the forest side.

Some of the trees have large crystals underneath the roots, suggesting a hyper-augmented magical space. Whether the crystals were manually planted or grew naturally is unknown.

The map also houses several large anti-gravity crystals. While similar in size and shape to the soul crystals found in the Abyssal Planes, it is likely they do not share any similarities in origin. It can be speculated that these crystals were used in Warder's training, granting airtime to either mount dragons, practice spells, or even to commute.

With the release of 2.01, we learn slightly more about the Warder's history. The Warders were able to successfully quell and tame the dragons during the dragon scourge, which likely took place during the pre-history section of this guide and before the goblin scourges. Warders developed their signature combat abilities during this conflict: skill in multiple elements (Imani has frost and fire), ability to store and manipulate mana as a mage, and command over dragons. It is unknown if other Warders used only frost/fire or if they were able to use other elements that are present in the Realm (nature, lightning, etc).
Miscellaneous Lore
The Leipori
We officially learn that leipori magicians such as Moji have a vast collection of familiars they can summon, each brought forth for the task at hand. This could imply that Po-Li is significantly more suited for the civil war environment, on top of Po-Li already being Moji's favorite companion.

The Ska'drin
Currently no confirmed homeland for Ska'drin; once confirmed, I will move this to Region Lore.

The Ska'drin are the original progenitors of all crystal, rune, and teleportation magic in the realm. Runic scholars such as Torvald and crystal inventors such as Barik study the Ska'drin for what secrets they hold.

Despite their history and technological background, the Ska'drin are a misunderstood and maligned race that have been systematically exterminated at least twice in the past. The few that remain are in constant hiding, going as far as to shave their horns and tuck their tails. This is not what Talus does, however.

Talus is actively proud of who he is and remains unfazed by the Realm's hate. He seeks to learn the history of his culture, leading to his friending of Barik during the pre-events of the civil war. Talus's current weapon, the veracharger, is a rune relic that fires through one barrel. Ska'drins are able to "activate" or amply the weapon, allowing it to fire from both barrels (Talus's Overcharge ability). Talus also unlocks the ability to teleport while at Deepwerks, translating into his in-game abilities Rune of Travel and True Power.

Speculation: It is suggested that Tempest Isle may be the mysterious homeland of the Ska'drin due to the vastly overlapping visual architecture and style between Talus's default skin, card art, and island architecture. If this is true, then 1) Makoa also is from Tempest Isle and 2) there are undiscovered volcanoes on Tempest Isle.

During Moji's release trailer, we see her interacting with a crystal and statue at Jaguar Falls. She is briefly interrupted by Skye but ultimately installs the crystal successfully.

The Magistrate
Patch 1.1

Tanks and guns of the Magistrate

As seen in the 1.1 patch preview, the Magistrate's warfare arsenal includes tanks and guns as a staple. No longer was it just the elite soldiers like Viktor or Khan getting weapons--it was all soldiers. The potency and accessibility of such technologies are vastly more modern than the pure magic and sword-and-shield combinations that we have seen in past videos (notably those during the OB64 patch), which suggests that the Magistrate has been heavily (and successfully) investing in developing weaponry.

Drunk Lore Contradiction
In the video above, released on the official Paladins YouTube channel, Punk Duck reveals that

- the island homeland of the Ska'Drin is indeed Tempest Isle
- Makoa actually fights for the Paladins

Is is unknown whether this video is canon.
Lore-Friendly Skins
1.4: Dragon's Call Event
In 1.4, four skins were released and officially deemed "lore-friendly/lore-tied". The Dragon's Call event was a daunting mission, and champions were careful to come prepared. The following blurbs detail their relevance to the story--paraphrased from EvilMojoMartini, EvilMojoThunderbrush, and HiRezPrettyHair.
  • Khan's Overlord set
    "Khan's Overload set demonstrates a very early iteration of the Magistrate power armor; his current iteration is mark 4 or 5 (v4, v5). Khan's personality is cranked to 11/10. He is hyper-Magistrate, hyper-aggressive, and admonishes any related to the Paladins. Overlord Khan is noted to be a younger, more eager version of the current Khan. Overlord is an independent "one-man-army" fanatic, as opposed to the current Khan who serves as a more stoic bodyguard."

    NOTE: This is the only lore skin that shows a past version of a character to date.

  • Sha Lin's Outlaw set
    "Sha Lin has seen many more things. He is a product of an outlaw life, and this skin shows that ruggedness. He is significantly more skilled and is ready to take on the Warder challenge."

  • Moji's Dragonborn set
    "Moji's hood is pulled back, revealing her true face. Po-Li is, along with Moji's magic, has also significantly matured. She is shown as a true Paladins mage. We also learn definitively that Moji has horns, which was previously covered by her base skin hat."

  • Furia's Aura set
    "In preparation for the Dragon's Call, Furia manifests a plate-mail version of her armor from the Eternal Pyre. The power is magnitudes greater, even ascending her previously golden yellow to a hotter, celestially bright blue flame."

    Furia's personality has also significantly shifted. Previously resolute, righteous, and grave, she is now more lighthearted and even self-absorbed. It is unknown what caused these shifts.

Note: As of 1.6, these four skins are confirmed to be canon.

1.8: Remix Battlepass
One of Pip's alchemical experiments goes awry one day, causing a spatial rift to summon Pepper. Pepper is canonically another vulpin from an alternate dimension and is demonstrated in-game with her unique character portrait. While there isn't much information about this encounter, we learn some interesting things about the Realm.

  • Alternate dimensions exist.
    This is different from an Abyssal Realm. This alternate reality can be seen as a separate universe, while the Abyssal Realms are located in the same universe as the Paladins and Magistrate.

  • Champions have a way to access this alternate dimension.
    This opens the possibility of what may manifest in the Realm, especially the appearance of "modern" gadgets such as music players and video games.

  • Other champions may have already interacted with alternate dimensions.
    Just because Pip is the first known instance of inter-dimensional-interaction, this does not mean he is the only one. Previously inexplicable lore events may be attributed to the presence of alternate-reality-interference, though that remains to be seen. It's also possible sources of magic may be alternatively derived.
Factions Organization Chart




Deity Powers
Visual Guide to All Realm Races
Ordered by density. Click to zoom.

unnamed creature of the realm; "unofficially named creature of the realm"

Karne - Human
Valeria - Elf
"O'Long Johnson" (Mal'Damba's weapon) - Animal/Familiar
Po-Li (Moji's weapon) - Animal/Familiar
Ziggs (Cassie's bird companion) - Animal/Familiar
"Squidward" (Dredge's weapon) - Animal/Familiar
Unnamed War Golem (the original "Bolt") - Construct
Bolt (Ruckus's weapon) - Construct
Unnamed Frost Elemental (Evie's weapon) - Elemental
Unnamed Prehistory Dragon - Dragon
Unnamed Elder Dragon (Warder's dragon, possibly Imani's ultimate) - Dragon
Quick Champion Trivia
Will be overhauled and turned into a visual infographic once there are enough trivia points.
  • Dredge
    Dredge was called Admiral Judd Roberts before he was killed.
    Dredge's squid companion is unofficially named Squidward.

  • Fernando
    Fernando is homosexual.

  • Furia
    Furia was called Sarah before she transformed.
    Furia's Pyre Blade is a holy relic of the Eternal Pyre and is officially confirmed to not utilize crystal magic or mechanisms.

  • Imani
    Imani believes guns are more primitive than the raw power of elements, suggesting she looks down on anyone who utilizes these weapons.

  • Inara
    Unofficially Terminus's wife.

  • Khan
    The family crest of House Aico is a phoenix. This animal is possibly in the realm, but currently unconfirmed.

  • Lian
    The family crest of House Aico is a phoenix. This animal is possibly in the realm, but currently unconfirmed.

  • Maeve
    The youngest champion in the game but does not know how old she is (due to all the blurred years on the street). Note: this was released by HirezHolt before Talus or Moji was introduced. It's possible this is no longer the case.

  • Mal'Damba
    Mal'Damba's snake companion is unofficially named O'Long Johnson.
    The snake is also female.

  • Moji
    The shortest character in-game (without Po-Li).

  • Seris
    Seris was called Hannah (nicknamed Abby) before she transformed.

  • Strix
    Unofficially hates nature (even though he's an owl); it's part of the inside joke.

  • Terminus
    Unofficially Inara's husband.
Strange/Notable Lore Points
- Karne is "many centuries" years old. He was one of the first Paladins under Valeria, ruled at the beginning of the Magistrate, ruled during its Golden Age, ruled during the discovery of crystals, and is currently fighting against the new wave Paladins.

- Grohk is either as old or even older than Karne, since we fought during the goblin scourges that took place BEFORE the Paladins were formed. It is unknown if all orcs share this trait in the Paladins universe.

- List of named species that have no in-game or lore appearance: Phoenix, Gorlocks

- List of unnamed species that are mentioned in-game or lore: "sky whales" from Ascension Peak

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