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Item Sorting

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Item Sorting by Saige Collection
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This mod relabels or renames arrows, potions, foods, clutter items, quest items, crafting items and books to be easier to find and use. This mod does not change the UI look in anyway. Check under recommendations if you like to have the same style as the screenshots.

For Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn sorting please check under my workshop files.


What this mod changes

Potions and poisons have been renamed to be grouped together so that they're easier to find. Player made potions should also match their loot/bought versions. Also note that special potions/beverages still retain their original name. Here's an example of their sorting:

Esbern's Potion
Poison of Weakness to Fire III
Poison of Damage Health V
Potion of Fortify Sneak II
Potion of Invisibility III
Potion of Restore Health
Potion of Restore Health IV
Potion of Resist Frost [Ice Wraith Essence]
Potion of Resist Shock IV

All Soul gems have been renamed as follows:

Soul Gem Azura: Azura's Star
Soul Gem Azura: The Black Star
Soul Gem I: Petty
Soul Gem II: Lesser
Soul Gem III: Common
Soul Gem IV: Greater
Soul Gem V: Grand
Soul Gem VI: Black

Smithing items have been labeled as follows:

Ore: "Type"
Ingot: "Type"
Gem: "Type"
Hide: "Type" (Includes pelts, leather and straps plus other hides such as Dragon Scales)
Smelt: "Type" (For the Dwemer items that are smeltable)
Bone: "Type" (Dragon Bones fall into this catergory as do other animal parts)

All Miscellaneous Quest items now use the "Quest:" Label. This will also make them easier to spot. Please note that quest weapons and apparel are not included so they have no change to their name. Also note that some radial miscellaneous quest items are done at random and may not have a quest label (such as the bard instrument quests which use the label "Instruments:"). Added a Bone Label to cover other animal parts. Unique items will instead use a "Unique:" label. All other clutter items will just use the "Misc:" label. Here's an example of their sorting:

Bone: Mammoth Tusk
Instrument: Pantea's Flute
Misc: Charcoal
Misc: Dwemer Pan
Misc: Fork
Misc: Plate
Quest: Curious SIlver Mold
Quest: Diamond Claw
Quest: Fragment of Wuuthrad
Unique: Moth in a Jar
Unique: The Dancer's Flute

Books for the large part have kept their names. Books and Notes that had title mistakes have been corrected or changed to match either their author or in the case of a series volume, numbering to be grouped together. Skill books have been renamed to be easier to find. Spell Tomes have been renamed to indicate what school and level of magic they require. These changes do not affect the actual spells so they should have no problems working with spell mods. Recipes for both alchemy and the forge have been renamed to what they produce for easier sorting and to match the changes in this mod. Lastly I've added the '[Quest]' label at the end of books or notes that are essential or easy to miss quest starters. There might be some more that I missed, but I think I've covered the main ones. Here's an example for how they appear:

Atronach Forge Recipe: Fire Salt
Atronach Forge Recipe: Spell Tome [Con II]: Soul Trap
Bounty: Dragon Hunt
Letter from a friend [Quest]
Racial Phylogeny [Restoration]
Recipe: Poison of Damage Health v2
Recipe: Potion of Resist Frost v1
Spell Tome [Alt I]: Candlelight
Spell Tome [Dest II]: Lightning Rune
Spell Tome [Rest II]: Fast Healing
The Black Arrow, v2 [Archery]

All food has been relabeled to either have "Beverage:", "Cheese:", "Cooked:", "Fruit:", "Raw:", "Sweet:" or "Veg:". For example:

Beverage: Alto Wine
Cheese: Mammoth Bowl
Cooked: Salmon Steak
Fruit: Green Apple
Raw: Pheasant Breast
Sweet: Sweet Roll
Veg: Leek

Arrows have been relabeled to:

Arrow: "Type"



Just hit the 'Subscribe' button and load the game via the launcher to download.
Make sure to have the ESP file activated in the Skyrim Launchers' Data Files menu.


Mod Load Order

The ESP file can go anywhere.

However make sure that if you're using any other mods that also modify the stats for items that they go after in the load order so their changes work.

<------- other esp files
Item Sorting by Saige.esp
<------- other esp files



This mod works fine with SkyUI (including it's filter feature) and Categorized Favorites Menu. In fact I encourage you to use them. This mod should also work fine with any crafting mod or recipe added by a custom armor/weapon mod using vanilla crafting materials.

This mod will not work with any other mods that modify the same items such as other sorting or weight mods. However you can put a mod that changes an item (such as soul gems) below in the load order and it should take that mods changes but you will lose the name sorting.



If you wish to use the same UI setup I do you'll first need,

SkyUI located at the Nexus:
or also found on Steam:

I also recommend Categorized Favorites Menu located at the Nexus:

Finally if you wish to use the same font I do you need Fhaarkas Font Replacement located at the Nexus:


Known Issues

Hopefully there isn't any, however you might get a bit of an immersion breaker seeing some items labels outside of your inventory. There is no fix for this, so you'll have to decided if you can live with it.

If there are any mistakes in names or problems feel free to post and I'll fix it as soon as I can. However I will ignore any posts that are about not having the same UI or non-descriptive posts about the mod not working.

Suggestions also welcome.



While I made this from scratch, I would like to thank;

HeadBomb's Better Sorting Mod

Valdacils Item Sorting Mod

I recommend trying them out if you don't like this mod.



I don't mind what you do to the ESP file as long as you give me credit and link back to this page if it still exists. If you wish to translate my mod to your native language then you are welcome to as long as credit is given.

This mod is also available on the Nexus
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22 sept., 2017 @ 23:30
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Gofastmike 21 sept. @ 12:38 
One thing that I noticed you missed was that the Stone of Barenziah has no sorting tag, when it should have the "Quest:" tag.
(GLG) StairFox 8 nov., 2018 @ 19:01 
how do you get the search menu for your items spells and stuff?
Mug.ogg 20 mai, 2018 @ 14:16 
Tactical_Turtle 19 ian., 2017 @ 14:06 
thanks m8 improved gameplay alot.
TheGoldBaron 28 nov., 2016 @ 15:13 
m8, this conflicts directly with skyui, had to constantly sift through mods figuring out which one was causing the CTD. either this one did or eden artifacts which i know it never happens with just a staff.
Wilfred the Warrior Dragon 28 oct., 2016 @ 10:32 
Will you be bringing this to Skyrim remastered? I really don't want to have to relearn the names of everything...
Pass The Pickle 27 mai, 2016 @ 14:04 
i thought this was the menu format mod (like in the pictures above) However I found that that mod is called skyui. this was pretty nice for a while but...meh. thx for the mod
LeonNemesIs 27 mai, 2016 @ 11:17 
Does the mod work also if i play in another language ?
TheSuperNathan 15 apr., 2016 @ 22:17 
Absolutely essential if you don't want to pull your hair out evertime you're looking for a common soul gem and end up having to scroll past the plates and sweetrolls you accidentally picked up.
shi 16 mart., 2016 @ 15:44 
@R0xxi did you check the box in your data files?