The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

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30 Jun, 2017 às 10:43
26 Set, 2018 às 6:37
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It's everyone in the world's favorite modded boss, Mahalath! Comes with 1 modded boss and 2 challenges.

Mahalath has an 18% chance to replace the boss of Depths 1, and a 12% chance to replace depths bosses on later floors. (thanks to DeadInfinity)

Have fun!
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107 comentários
1sandwichplease 26 de Mar às 5:40 
i love this
Broken and slow mouse guy 16 de Mar às 23:29 
i think a boss in the devil's harvest is copying this boss
Jazz 8 Out, 2019 às 21:33 
I think the poison bomb in treasure room bug is a mod conflict. I used to get it too, but after reinstalling the mod with a different set of mods recently, I don't seem to get it anymore.
VergilRush 4 Set, 2019 às 2:47 
there is a bug, where you always find an exploding poison bomb in the treasure room
Despaircito 1 Fev, 2019 às 18:52 
is this sloth's girlfriend lol but good boss
widzu95 [⇄] 12 Dez, 2018 às 11:46 
There is little bug during Boss Rush, Mahalath can randomly appear as 3rd boss in a wave.
Aaron Gibbs 6 Dez, 2018 às 18:11 
Great mod but it kinda breaks when you have high shot speed and luck with the bogger tears trinket. Mahalath gets pushed to the side and you have to wait till the boggers tears to disappear(which is a long time) for Mahalath to go into the mouth to end the fight
Ezequiel32 23 Nov, 2018 às 11:34 
The sound effects of its attacks shown in the video need to be way more menacing
melon  [autor] 26 Set, 2018 às 7:55 
Thanks for the heads up Bumblebean, got dead to fix it. We don't have access to a mac so I'm not sure if we'll be able to figure out why the game broke the mod for macs very soon, sorry guys.
One (1) Low Res Pikachu 26 Set, 2018 às 5:54 
I love this mod, it's one of my favorites I've installed as of late. But I have one question: Is Mahalath supposed to be able to replace the Mom fight? I had an XL Depths floor and the first boss was Loki, and the Mom fight was replaced by Mahalath. I still got the Polaroid and Negative after the fight, but it played out like a normal boss fight otherwise.