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SIMCO WTCC 2016-2017
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7 Mai, 2017 às 6:08
10 Ago, 2017 às 9:41
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SIMCO WTCC 2016-2017

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SIMCO WTCC 2016 and 2017 Season. All cars.
More information: http://simcompany.hu/?page_id=6201
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34 comentários
Messerschmid 25 Dez, 2018 às 21:08 
Good mod
but Terrible driver fleeling
jkerry66 13 Nov, 2018 às 4:15 
Hi. I love this mod, great cars great physics etc.

I have a question, I just did a 12 lap race and on laps 9 and 10 all the lead cars went in for a pit stop and I cannot work out why. I cannot find any option that forces a pit stop.

Please help and thanks.
puremad 30 Set, 2018 às 14:07 
Great looking mod, but so bad to drive, No real feeling in the wheel and seem to drive like on a rail...Shame but its like this across all the Sims its in....need tweaking with better driving files.
unsubbed untill that day Sry :steamfacepalm:
NavyFlipperHUN 19 Ago, 2018 às 0:49 
No updates, no bug fixes, really outdated! :steamsad:
Kłysu 17 Jun, 2018 às 12:28 
There is big problem with tire wear in ai cars. I drove 10 laps race at monza and everyone go to pits when i see race log the average tire wear ai was: 5% my was <1% .
Alex 1 Mai, 2018 às 23:18 
I love these cars, but I notice there's a bug with the speed and gear indicators, you can't read either, it looks like the texture is offset or something, you can see that on the screenshot (5th or 6th one) Can this be fixed?
Alvio Lampis 5 Abr, 2018 às 13:30 
Really nice, TY so much mate 8)
dreamer_al_59 21 Mar, 2018 às 23:48 
Thank you. Cockpits are rather basic, but great fun.
lucaschevy 11 Fev, 2018 às 5:14 
Great job but missing, SP Edition and RCD file.
Jeay974 5 Dez, 2017 às 5:32 
bug sur les feux arriére. Dommage mod sympa.