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The Moonstone Equation
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Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
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10 Jan, 2017 às 6:07
8 Fev, 2017 às 12:47

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Thankyou Everyone
Now at #29. Still need more votes.
First, a huge thanks to everyone that's already voted for The Moonstone Equation here on Greenlight. At the moment it's at #29 in the top 100 games on greenlight and with a little luck that's enough to get through and into your hands in the near future.

What Next?
Sadly these things are never simple. Even as a developer I have no idea what the true criteria for being greenlit really are. This means the best thing I can do is reach out to all you great supporters and ask that you make a little more noise. So, if you could ask a friend or two to vote as well that would be great.

Data de lançamento: Summer 2017
Scientists love a good mystery

The Moonstone Equation is a single player puzzle/platform game about science and curiosity presented in a modern pixel art style. It's set in and around a remote hilltop research facility built specifically to investigate some mysterious inscriptions carved into pieces of moon rock found buried within the hillside. The player guides our protagonist Alice as she arrives at the facility and starts to live and work with the various scientists theorists and oddballs that already call this place home. The Moonstone equation draws its design inspiration from games like Fez, Monument Valley, The Talos Principle and Ico. The Player is free to explore and investigate a world full of puzzles as they like, discovering (and shaping) the narrative as they go. With very little threat and no 'enemies'. It's the perfect game for those inquisitive people who enjoy a good puzzle and the time and space to crack it.


Hand-crafted modern pixel-art
The game is created using bespoke tools running within a custom engine designed to present a crisp high definition pixel-art world using modern rendering technology.

Puzzles, lot of them
You'll find lots of things to solve. Some more obvious than others. Each created using nearly 20 years of game and puzzle making experience

Persistent living world
The Moonstone Equation is a puzzle solving adventure within a world that changes and responds to when (and how often) you choose to play. If it's night where you are, then it's night at the facility. This responsiveness also extends to the colourful characters that populate the game world. Don't worry you don't have to get up at midnight just to solve bits of it, but you might discover something interesting if you do.

Duration: 12+ hours

The Moonstone Equation Blog[]
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179 comentários
🆁🅾🆂🆂🆄🅼 17 Mar, 2017 às 20:23 
Ghreser 3 Mar, 2017 às 11:19 
Hi, i think this game might be very great, but i have some question ... (I don't read the other commentary don't blame me please)

- It will be translated in other language ?
- It's an open world (kind of like Fez) or just some level where we need to solve something ?
- How much that will cost ?

I need this information because i want buy the game
Mielsen Gamer 13 Fev, 2017 às 13:30 
is one copy of FEZ?
Extra 30 Jan, 2017 às 12:32 
cool game
lordnigzor 23 Jan, 2017 às 19:00 
Will there be workshop lvl's for this game?
Rabbot32 21 Jan, 2017 às 15:30 
Might want to add that to the description. I'm not a dev, I'm just a consumer with ideas.
Arbonox  [autor] 21 Jan, 2017 às 15:13 
I can't thank you all enough for your votes and comments. Please tell your friends to vote too and with a little luck you'll be doing science and discovering things very soon.

@Rabbot32 It's a lot bigger than a SHORT flash game. Maybe 12+ hours if that helps.
leobinho 21 Jan, 2017 às 13:56 
looks good
Rabbot32 21 Jan, 2017 às 0:41 
This brings back memories of playing high-quality pixelart flash games on Kongregate when I was young.
I would suggest adding a 'the game is expected to last x hours' to the description to prevent misinterpretation, as this is highly reminencent of the aformetioned SHORT flash games.
This is clearly a fine piece of work. Upvoted.
JDinoking360 20 Jan, 2017 às 18:13 
This is realy cool looking. Would love for it to hit greenlight!!