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Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Multi-player, Co-op
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1 Ago, 2016 às 0:58
19 Nov, 2017 às 20:31
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Realese going to be 12/27/2017
Data de lançamento: Fourth Quarter 2017
ENEVION The Game is Online, Sci Fi, Multiplayer, Arena First Person Shooter.
You are in command of a heavily armed space ship. Dogfights, where split-second decisions can make the difference between success and failure. Immersive 360-degree experience. Perform strategic strikes and tactical advances with a near limitless field of view and acrobatic maneuvering.

Comments are appreciated.
Thank you.
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29 comentários
ESquid 26 Jan, 2017 às 16:06 
What is up with the bots straight from Oblivion? I doubt those are original designs
Дядя Ярык 11 Dez, 2016 às 0:38 
Alt of Yajan 26 Set, 2016 às 2:21 
Hi I boost games on green light. My reach is 500k reall people not bots. Please contact me to talk about prices.
Think Tank 25 Ago, 2016 às 8:14 
Fix your framerate
BolkonskyPlay 23 Ago, 2016 às 9:56 
нужно доробатывать,много доробатывать
[PGC] Doctor_GLaDOS 7 Ago, 2016 às 14:41 
This is a proof of concept, not a game.
Ask me later button clicked.
Detail.movie💕 7 Ago, 2016 às 7:26 
Not Edge of Tomorrow, you're thinking of Oblivion also starring Tom Cruise.
Someone of Sorts 5 Ago, 2016 às 16:36 
Look rather interesting also those robots look like the robots from the edge of tommorow :P
Der Geselle 2 Ago, 2016 às 9:24 
Okey Enevison, i can understand that.
Dragon 1 Ago, 2016 às 22:39 
Can't tell if re-submission or just re-used assets.