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Rembrandt Tower (Amsterdam Highrise)
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27 Fev, 2016 às 14:49
1 Mai, 2016 às 16:17
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Rembrandt Tower (Amsterdam Highrise)

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My first building, please tell me if something is wrong I will do my best to fix it!
This is my version of the building, its not 100% true to reality.
My model is on a 1:1 scale with the CO office stats.

This building is now RICO enabled, you don´t need the mod for the building to work, get it though its great!!

Get the Ploppable RICO mod here and this building will work like any growable office

Rembrandt Tower (Dutch: Rembrandttoren) is an office skyscraper in Amsterdam. It has a height of 135 metres, 36 floors and it has a spire which extends its height to 150 metres. It was constructed from 1991 to 1994. The building's foundation required piles 56 metres long and two metres in diameter. It is the first building in the Netherlands constructed with a concrete core and a steel frame.

Source: Wikipedia

I hope you like it o//

This building will fit well in my 1:1 Amsterdam map please check it out:
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8 comentários
ElVulturo 17 Dez, 2016 às 8:47 
Ziet er goed uit!
Yoavz 7 Out, 2016 às 11:05 
thanks nice building ive seen it in real life :)
Quad Rioters 2 Mar, 2016 às 6:49 
boformer 28 Fev, 2016 às 16:39 
Nice update! Upvoted ;)
Jerenable  [autor] 28 Fev, 2016 às 16:35 
-daylight screenshots made
-lighting updated
-lod is :hardhat:
Captain-No 27 Fev, 2016 às 16:48 
fit well in the -NETHERLANDS/BELGIUM- all in one Collection:
thank you, Thumbs up
boformer 27 Fev, 2016 às 16:41 
3 things:
- make a custom LOD (otherwise this is worthless)
- make it so only 5-20% of the windows are illuminated at night
- Add a few daylight screenshots

here is an excellent nightlight tutorial:
FourteenChief 27 Fev, 2016 às 16:11 
Looks great sir. Subscibed! Gonna plopp your creation tomorrow. Done for tonight. Number of tris?