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Numeric Health Display
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11 Fev, 2016 às 0:34
12 Jun, 2016 às 7:29
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Numeric Health Display

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This mod is for the XCOM 2 base game. A version for War of the Chosen is also available.

As seen in the Firaxis mod roundup

This removes the standard health bars and shows health, armor and Shieldbearer shields with numbers.

The health display does not include a damage preview when aiming at enemies.

Includes a config file for customization of sizing, positioning and coloring. The file can be found at

This mod is incompatible with other mods that overrides the UIUnitFlag (such as other health display mods).
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27 Dez, 2017 às 5:26
[Suggestion] Expanded info
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EpicKingdom_ 18 de Jan às 4:30 
Does not work, health bars are still the same.
Crashdown 17 Jul, 2019 às 16:54 
Am a giant fan of this mod, walways worked without issues so far. Until now. My game recently crashed during a mission and after I reloaded the auto save, this mod stopped working. I tried reloading, reinstalling, loading an even earlier save, etc, but the health values look like vanilla. I can't even begin to imagine what may be causing this, so if anyone has any idea to fix it, let me know please
Element UK 28 Dez, 2018 às 2:30 
I've never managed to make this work if you also have the 'Perfect Information' mod.
kanji. 3 Nov, 2018 às 18:26 
i can't get it to work along with Uniform Manager. Any recommendations to have a uniform manager mod whilst not giving up the beautiful, unique, and majestic mod of Numeric Health Display?
Zyga 6 Out, 2018 às 23:01 
The single most important mod for xcom, thanks a ton.
Ralp 7 Ago, 2018 às 5:19 
Thought this mod was no longer available until I realized it's not labeled as UI.
gravdestroyer 19 Jul, 2018 às 1:30 
What overrides this mod?
New Era: Elon Musk 16 Mai, 2018 às 4:42 
It's not working. I doubt why can u tell me how to overwrite the health bar in xcom 2 so maybe I can solve this problem.
CommanderNature 26 Mar, 2018 às 20:34 
how do i increase the xcom soldiers health in number wise
fexproducciones12 23 Fev, 2018 às 21:19 
ok i have this mods please anyone can tell if they are no compatible

-gotcha (flank preview evolved)
-stop wasting my time
-free camera rotation
-long war 2

or anyone can tell me wich mods are no compatible withis mod