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TRAF - Trajes Fatais
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Genre: Action, Casual
Platforms: PC
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10 Fev, 2016 às 4:43
3 Out, 2019 às 21:34

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Crowdfunding on Catarse! -- Financiamento Coletivo no Catarse!
Crowdfunding on Kickante! -- Financiamento Coletivo no Kickante!

We have started a Crowdfunding campaign for the game on Catarse, a brazilian crowdfunding platform like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. You can contribute with any value through PayPal. If you like the beta, please help us to make this a great fighting game! Link to the campaign:

Trajes Fatais - Prologue


Welcome to the party!

Imagine a costume party in which some guests gain powers in accordance with the costumes they wore. That's the premise of TRAF - Trajes Fatais (Fatal Costumes), a 2D fighting game developed by Onanim that features beautiful animations at 60 FPS made with detailed pixel art style.

This prologue edition introduces the history and the initial characters, and the key mechanics that we propose to the franchise, with innovations in relation to already consolidated titles. The TRAF system is simple, but allows the player to explore the possibilities with creativity.

* The game is still in development. Every aspect of the game shown so far may vary in the final version.


TRAF has an extremely easy to learn, dynamic, innovative and addictive system.

The game is being designed to be played at a competitive level aiming the adhesion of veteran players in fighting games, at the same time it is a very accessible entry point for newcomers to the genre.

  • Dynamic Physics

    The attacks influence a lot the movement of your character and opponent. During collisions and after cancels, the system keep inertia and combine it with new impulses, which results some unusual situations generating most fun and unique matches. The game screen is also relevant for the possibilities as some moves can be made only in the corner, using the wall of the stage as support.

  • Combos Diversity

    An attack can be combined with any other, except itself. Neutrals (non-directional) may be followed by any other attack freely, while the others require the consumption of an energy bar. The player must manage the bars between cancels and specials. The same combo can hit or not, depending on the distance between the characters, the time between actions, floor height, distance from the corner of the screen etc.

  • Balancing

    We will always present and in direct communication with the community, updating the game with frequency as bugs or unbalanced situations are discovered.

  • Character Diversity

    Although there is a standardization of controls, all characters will have their own strategies. They attacks vary widely. For example, to a character, forward + button results in a long blow, slow and the first frames with armor. In another character, forward + button launches a projectile, and so on.

  • Infinite Prevention

    The characters have five spheres representing their life. As they suffer damage, the current ball deflates, until it breaks. When a ball breaks, the character suffers a knockdown and goes into an animation that makes it more difficult to hit, requiring more planning to make bigger combos. Thus, despite the ease of performing cancels and freedom of possibilities, this system helps bring the challenge and improvisation to certain situations of the match.

    In addition, the game has an identifier of loops in combos. When it detect certain quantities of repetitions, it causes another kind of knockdown to the character, but this time being impossible to hit.

  • Pressure

    The game has several ways to get out of a pressure: release from grabs, spending bar in defense to repel the enemy, recovery on the wall, recovery on the floor, attack during wake up and others.

  • Full support to any joystick/controller/game pad
  • Story mode
  • Local Versus Mode
  • Online Versus Mode
  • Training Mode
  • Trial Mode
  • 6 Initial Characters + 6 Secret Unlockable (this numbers can grow until final release)
  • Lots of Unlockable Color Palettes
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juniorfwalber 28 Set, 2019 às 10:59 
Muita ansiosidade para o lançamento desse jogo! Eu fico feliz que o projeto ainda esteja de pé!
Toda sorte do mundo para vocês!
Estrelinha 9 Ago, 2019 às 13:19 
Faz uma capoeirista com meu nome kkkkk :lunar2019piginablanket:

Mikaela Costa kkkk :3
Estrelinha 9 Ago, 2019 às 13:14 
Lançaaaaaaa ahhhhhhhh que deliciaaaaaaaa
elmucke 15 Jul, 2019 às 6:54 
Quando lança?
felipessombra 27 Set, 2018 às 6:15 
Ainda esta em teste com os apoiadores.
Diogo-Piloto 26 Set, 2018 às 19:56 
Sai quando este jogo?
Chris 26 Jan, 2018 às 17:08 
Monsto G 27 Mai, 2017 às 9:48 
Isso ficou muito bom, cara!! :steamhappy: Ansioso pra ver o projeto finalizado.
HMendes_90 3 Abr, 2017 às 19:13 
Jogo foda, sem mais
renandms 1 Abr, 2017 às 20:06 
vai na fé irmão...
hahahahaha, insta buy, com certeza